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Technical Tidbits 4/27: Bibby to Tech rumor grows legs, Demetris Robertson to decide on Sunday

Demetris Robertson has elected to move his commitment ceremony up to Sunday in Atlanta.

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The 2016 spring game may have been a disappointment for those who like high-scoring shootouts, but there is at least one positive takeaway from the 13-3 win for team White: there were exactly zero fumbles from start to finish. I'm hesitant to draw any conclusions from a statistic like that (the 2014 team which won 11 games did fumble well over 10 times in the spring game, after all), but calling that development anything but positive would be inaccurate. Fumbles have been a problem for Tech since Paul Johnson's arrival, partially as a byproduct of running the ball so often and partially because of the mythological concept of forward progress, but the most urgent issue facing the 2016 team appears to be the offensive line. If that can be resolved, I truly believe that the offense will be able to hold onto the ball well enough to be successful.

It appears that the news of point guard Michael Bibby potentially being Tech bound has gained some traction -- his father, Mike Bibby, recently confirmed to  AZCentral via text message that his son has received an offer from coach Pastner. We first heard this news exactly two weeks ago when the same source speculated that the Bibbys could be a package deal for the Jackets, with Michael coming to play and Mike coming to coach. It seemed unfounded at the time (and there's still no indication that Mike Bibby is on Josh Pastner's list of potential assistants), but the story appears to be at least halfway correct at this point. Bibby is a three-star point guard prospect out of Phoenix and is currently the fifth-ranked player in all of Arizona, according to 247Sports.

Five-star athlete Demetris Robertson moved his commitment date up by a day, electing to make his college choice public on May 1st instead of May 2nd as originally planned. Robertson will announce his decision at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, a venue choice that I'd say plays in Georgia Tech's favor if only a little bit. If not, it would be an excellent troll job by Robertson to announce his plans to attend UGA just three minutes from the heart of Tech's campus. I surely hope that he sees the light, but it would be wise to prepare for anything.

Georgia Tech's student athletes and GTAA members celebrated the 2015-2016 athletic year on Monday night, taking some time to honor outstanding performers from this most recent sports cycle at the annual Yellow Jacket Celebration. Tech's basketball teams swept the GTAA Athlete of the Year awards, with senior Marcus Georges-Hunt winning it for the men and All-American Aaliyah Whiteside winning for the women. The 2015 Team of the Year award went to Tech's women's tennis team for an impressive 16-7 performance while the women's basketball team's upset win over Duke and , unsurprisingly, The Miracle on Techwood Drive took home awards for Best Moment in Sports. Congratulations to all of the student athletes who were honored for their hard work and dedication.

What are your predictions for Demetris Robertson's big decision?