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Technical Tidbits 4/26: A farewell to Romello White and Roy Williams' dignity

Spring games are basically national championships. Why you should panic immediately:

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech's upcoming basketball recruiting class took a sizable hit over the weekend when forward Romello White, the sole four-star prospect of the cycle, requested to be released from his LOI. White, a product of Wheeler High School in Marietta, signed with the Jackets way back in September. His departure is surely disappointing, but you really can't blame him for backing out following Brian Gregory's firing; he's certainly entitled to play for a coach he knows and has a good relationship with. White insists that he's still considering Tech, but this feels like a done deal; recruits rarely back out of an LOI only to come back later on. Check out the FTRS breakdown right here.

I'm all for playing good defense, but scoring 16 total points in a spring game is hardly an inspirational performance for a Georgia Tech offense which was setting NCAA records just two years ago. Unfortunately, that was the case over the weekend when Justin Thomas and the White team defeated the Gold team by a final score of 13-3 in front of a roaring crowd of roughly 9,000 at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The only touchdown of the game came on a 25-yard pass from Justin Thomas to Ricky Jeune; the remaining points all came via field goals. I'm not big on using spring games to predict the real season, but there's no denying that the offense was an absolute mess. Hopefully something will click between now and early September.

The NCAA dropped a not-so-bombshell yesterday, electing not to amend the charges that they've levied against North Carolina for the school's alleged academic fraud situation. As it stands, the Heels will face five separate charges for offering a bogus African and Afro-American Studies course to students: two counts of unethical conduct against a pair of former staff members, one count of providing extra benefits, one count of failure to monitor the AFAM and ASPSA departments, and one for lack of institutional control. I doubt that anything will happen to Roy Williams after all of this is resolved, but he comes out looking like a fool either way -- a reported 167 course enrollments come from former student athletes from his men's basketball program alone. He's either lying or just completely clueless.

It seems clear to me that Georgia Tech will go 0-12 because of this spring game performance. What is the best case scenario at this point? 1-11?