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Technical Tidbits 4/25: A lack of energy in Georgia Tech's Spring Game, but no lack of uga football player arrests

Even in short-term duty such as this, I welcome any and all criticisms and critiques of my work.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Ed. Note: Cade practiced the most sacred educational tradition of "procrastination" this weekend and was unavailable to put together the Technical Tidbits for today, so you're stuck with me. He should be back on duty tomorrow.

In the wake of Georgia Tech's spring game on Saturday, many fans were unhappy with the anemic output of the Yellow Jackets' offense. Head coach Paul Johnson expressed the same sentiments, with a particular focus on the lack of energy and leadership from the group. Said Johnson, "Somebody’s going to have to step up and be a leader...When we get Freddie [Burden] back, we’ll have two seniors (on the first-team offense). We’ll have him and the quarterback. The quarterback’s got to bring the energy." A significant portion of the offense's struggles came from the offensive line, whose numbers were depleted by injuries to Burden and Chris Griffin, as well as offseason attrition involving Gary Brown. For this unit to improve in time for 2016, they've got a long way to go, and would be aided by good fortunes in health and personnel consistency. Check out the FTRS postgame coverage from Kieffer here.

Georgia Tech's baseball team got a much-needed series win on the road this weekend, nearly sweeping Clemson if not for an extra-inning loss in the series opener. Friday's game was suspended due to weather and completed on Saturday, and saw Georgia Tech blow a 7-2 lead to eventually lose 8-7 in 10 innings. The Yellow Jackets then won the final two games of the series by a combined score of 23-6, including a 16-1 blowout Saturday evening and a 7-5 win on Sunday in which they never trailed. The series win couldn't have come at a better time for Georgia Tech, coming on the heels of a stretch that saw them lose 5 of 7 games. It was their first series win since a road series victory over then-top-5 North Carolina almost a month ago, as the Jackets had lost 5 of their last 8 to conference opponents Duke, Pittsburgh, and N.C. State.

I would be remiss not to mention that Kirby Smart seems to have settled in nicely as head coach in Athens, hitting the ground running by ensuring his players continue a tradition as old as time: run-ins with the local police. That tradition once again took place this weekend, as starting CB (and apparent public menace) Juwan Briscoe was arrested for the misdemeanors of not having a driver's license, and not wearing his seatbelt. He followed in the steps of so many greats who came before him, being booked into the Athens-Clarke County jail before being released after a little over an hour. This may seem like a set of the most petty crimes you've ever heard of, but I, for one, believe Coach Smart deserves a lot of credit for upholding the image of his program that was set by his predecessor.