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Technical Tidbits 4/19

In which Anree Saint-Amour looks to bolster Tech's much-maligned passrushing unit.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech, in a horrifying attempt to replicate UGA's recent 93 thousand-fan turnout at the annual spring game, has begun pushing "TDay" to the fans via social media. You certainly can't fault anyone for trying to get a nice turnout at the spring game after two seasons of weather-impacted mediocrity, but trying something like this on the heels of GDay is just asking for ridicule. This is especially true when you consider that the Athletic Department doesn't seem to be pushing it very hard, if at all; it is unclear if the AD is even endorsing or acknowledging it in the first place.

No matter where it originated, I see no reason to not at least attempt to help it come to fruition. I'm not sure what the campaign really hopes to accomplish, but it seems like 20 or 30 thousand fans would be an excellent turnout given the recent struggles of the spring game. Make sure to come out this weekend to enjoy the free football in mid-April!

Georgia Tech baseball will be back in action tonight and tomorrow night with a pair of in-state rivalry games versus Mercer and Georgia State. The Jackets, currently 24-11, really need this pair of wins before what promises to be a hard-fought series this weekend at Clemson; the Tigers, much like the Jackets, field a talented team which has experienced some growing pains lately. That Clemson series, even above the midweek games, is a must-win for the Jackets just because it would propel Tech to above .500 in ACC play for the first time in a good while. We are quickly approaching the time that tournament seeds are won and lost and need to act quickly to secure a berth.

The ineptitude of Georgia Tech's passrushing unit is something that has plagued the team for what feels like an eternity. Perhaps this season, with the return of a number of talented starters and some equally critical depth, the line play will finally live up to expectations for the first time during the Ted Roof era. If the defensive line does manage to improve, it will almost certainly be thanks in large part to rising sophomore Anree Saint-Amourhis individual effort during the offseason has been noted by coach Roof and others. Saint-Amour, who Tech was able to pry away from Stanford prior to the end of last year's recruiting cycle, is undoubtedly an impressive player. He, along with a handful of other young players, figures to get some extremely valuable playing time this year, hopefully allowing for increased production from the unit as a whole.

Have a great Tuesday!