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Technical Tidbits 4/18

The college basketball transfer market is in full swing.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Though Georgia Tech baseball ultimately lost last weekend's series with NC State after losing the first two games of the set, the team was at least able to salvage a victory in the finale by defeating the Wolfpack in a 16-7 blowout. Unfortunately, the final game really doesn't tell the tale of the weekend. The pitching staff struggled mightily, giving up seven runs in what was actually its best performance of the entire series; the Jackets gave up eight runs the first night and then fifteen in the subsequent outing. Tech now stands at 24-11 on the season and has lost four of five dating back to the previous weekend series, a weather-shortened affair in Pittsburgh. Only a pair of in-state rivalry games stand between the Jackets and a trip to Clemson this weekend for what will be a tough matchup with the Tigers in a do-or-die scenario.

Head coach Josh Pastner confused everyone late last week when he remarked to the media that he would never consider hiring anyone to his staff that was an avid golfer, citing concerns that the pastime would interfere with their commitment to the program. If playing golf would truly be a deal breaker for CJP (Not to be confused with the all too similar CPJ. Thanks, Obama.), then I'm seriously questioning his judgment before he even makes his first hire. However, I'm assuming that he was using this as a euphemism to express the type of dedication that he expects from his staff. That is something that I have no problem with; a dedicated staff will be critical to Pastner's success at Tech.

Perhaps Pastner will be able to showcase his own hard work and initiative in the coming days by luring one or two of the hundreds of confirmed transfers to Tech from their previous schools. It is worth noting that four of Memphis' scholarship players left the school in the wake of Pastner's hiring, with the most notable of them being guard Avery Woodson. Though he wasn't a star by any means, Woodson did manage to average 9.6 points per game at Memphis and very well could be the best point guard on Tech's roster if he decides to follow his old coach to the Flats.

As you likely heard, NBA great Kobe Bryant played his final career game last week in front of a star-studded array of fans at the Staples Center. What you may not know, however, is that someone attempted to sell a "bag of air" from the game on eBay starting at a big of just $1. Hey, who cares if the bag is fake? Just saying that you bought it for $1 off of eBay is a good enough conversation starter. It's not like anyone would be crazy enough to actually bid on such a thing anyway, right?

Oh, but they did. In fact, the winning bid got as high as $15,000 before eBay ultimately removed the listing, presumably because it was in violation of some eBay term or condition. I truly can't imagine who would bid $15,000 on a ziploc bag of air being sold by some random guy in New Jersey. They could've just gone to the game for that cost; tickets were just a shade under $2,000 each prior to first tip. I may not understand the motive right now, but I certainly do aspire to be in that position one day.

Which transfers would you like to see coach Pastner pursue?