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Technical Tidbits 4/14

The passing of the Pastner era means that it could be Tubby Time in Memphis. Bobinski won this round for certain if that's the case.

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech beat writer Ken Sugiura managed to sneak away from the AJC for a couple of days back in early February for a reason that we now know is even more noble than anticipated: he was filming an episode of Sports Jeopardy in Los Angeles. His competitors, Bret Bielema Roy and Rick from Pawn Stars just Rick, clearly stood no chance against Sugiura's supreme Tech-fueled knowledge on all things sports. Unfortunately, that discrepancy was erased when our prized beat writer Clemsoned away a huge lead by bidding 7,000 of his 8,000 points on final Jeopardy to clinch a last-second loss to Howie Mandel Rick. The silver lining is that Sugiura managed to provide us with what I'd consider to be a very promising gif moment of him sniffing his armpits and throwing a thumbs up. That alone makes the trip a success.

Although many experts speculated that Memphis would get the better end of the Pastner to Tech deal as far as a replacement coach, it now appears that the Tigers may have drawn the short end of the stick -- the school and Texas Tech coach Tubby Smith are now reportedly nearing a deal. Tubby Smith is undoubtedly a good coach (or he was, at least), but I doubt that a 64-year-old with a losing record over three seasons in Lubbock was what Memphians were expecting. I guess we now know which job was more attractive between Tech and Memphis, at least; I'll take Pastner over Smith every single day of the week. It isn't official yet, but if Tubby really is the guy then I'm glad to have coach Pastner.

Another interesting bit of basketball news came out yesterday when AZCentral Sports speculated that a pair of Bibbys -- father Mike and son Michael -- could come to Georgia Tech as a package deal. Mike, a former NBA player for the Hawks and a number of other teams, would presumably join Josh Pastner's coaching staff in some capacity. I'm not sure how I feel about that idea; Bibby just doesn't seem qualified to join the staff of an ACC school at this juncture. It would be nice to get Michael as a player on The Flats-- he's a three-star guard in his own right -- but I sincerely doubt that this happens. In fact, the whole story was really just some interesting speculation from the writer, presumably with nothing to back it up.

They say that knowing your audience is the most important part of writing about a sports team (no they don't), so I'm going to attempt to do just that by informing all of you Beliebers out there that Justin was spotted yesterday at the Georgia Tech bookstore on campus (particularly dangerous autoplay video in the link).

This would be a great time to drop a sick joke about Justin Bieber being in a bookstore, but I just genuinely don't know why he was there. Maybe he was returning whatever book advised him to go with that haircut, but who knows?

What do you think Justin Bieber was doing in the bookstore at Tech?