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Technical Tidbits 4/12

Is Kirby Smart the real governor of Georgia? Probably.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech and UGA will renew the Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate series for the first time all season with a baseball matchup tonight at Russ Chandler Stadium. I'm really not one for pitying UGA's baseball team, but they are in the midst of a 22-game stretch of top-25 opponents. Perhaps that's the reason that their record -- which rests just on game above .500, at 17-16 -- is miles worse than any one of Danny Hall's 29 years of baseball on The Flats. Oh well, you're either a talented and successful program or you're UGA. It happens. You can watch the game via ESPN3 -- a broadcast which will be conveniently narrated by 2014's spectacular tandem of Brandon Gaudin and Roddy Jones -- or listen live on WREK 91.1 FM as Tech searches for victory number 24 on the year against a bitter rival.

Though a growing majority seems to be in favor of the Josh Pastner hiring, there's really no denying that the Georgia Tech job was a much tougher sell than anyone expected heading into the coaching search. It was widely thought that the opportunity to coach in college basketball's premiere conference at a school located on some of the richest recruiting grounds in the nation would be a major draw, but the list of (admittedly unconfirmed) rejections is surprising to say the least. Perhaps the budgetary constraints were more prevalent than we concluded, but it really seems like the job itself has just lost its luster. I personally am going to blame the Russell uniforms. Prospective coaches see that font on the front and run for shelter.

It may take our Georgia legislature 19 months to pass a bill granting medical marijuana use to a little girl suffering from a seizure-inducing and potentially life-threatening disorder, but Nathan Deal will be damned if Georgia head coach Kirby Smart doesn't get exactly what he wants in 30 days or less. This time around, Georgia lawmakers dropped everything to address the most pressing issue in all of the state: the fact that our poor, underprivileged universities are required to respond to open records requests in an inhumane 3 days. The resolution, known as Senate Bill 323, is designed to give universities an absurd 90 days to respond to requests for information which is, by law, public. Though coaching salaries are the sole exemptions from the legislation, it would mean that something akin to new coach Josh Pastner's recruiting spending -- if it were requested today -- would likely be received sometime in early July. I'm not an expert on the constitution, but it sure seems a bit ironic that the same government which was just fighting to pass a radical first amendment protection bill is blatantly limiting its citizens' first amendment right to this public information. This state really has its priorities in order. Thanks, Kirby, for ushering in a new era of secrecy! Chairman Smart on three!




Just in case you need another organization or individual to get angry at today, let it be either former Ohio State quarterback Cardale "we ain't come to play school" Jones or the NCAA, depending on which side of the argument you stand. Jones, who declared for the NFL Draft a while back, took to Twitter yesterday to denounce the NCAA's unfair treatment of student athletes. Though what exactly he was referring to remains unclear, good old 12 Gauge was clearly not happy with something. I personally thought we were past this whole student athlete payment and treatment issue. The athletes now receive a stipend in addition to a free education, but Jones apparently doesn't like the NCAA's specific rules. I can hardly blame him, although I might hold my tongue for the opportunity to get that Ohio State education which would cost me $171,836 over four years for free plus $2,454 in incidentals. That sounds like a good deal to me.

What are your thoughts on the new bill? Is it necessary or frivolous?