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Technical Tidbits 4/11

Paul Johnson has not been pleased with the performance of his offensive line so far this spring.

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In the opinions of some, Georgia Tech's hiring of former Memphis head coach Josh Pastner was a best-case scenario for both the school and for Pastner himself -- after all, a fresh start is occasionally good for everyone involved. I'm not ready to call the hiring a best-case scenario quite yet, but it certainly could become an excellent decision if given enough patience. At just 38 years old, Pastner is now the youngest coach in the ACC by nearly a decade. What's even more impressive is that he brings with him seven years of head coaching experience even at his relatively young age; working under John Calipari and Lute Olson doesn't hurt, either. You may not be excited for the start of the Pastner era, but at least give it a shot. He has the potential to be the best Tech coach in a long time.

In case you missed it, be sure to give Pastner's introductory interview a listen by following this link. There were certainly some interesting moments, but I'd say that he did a great overall job of delivering his message while simultaneously acknowledging his potential obstacles at Tech. He came off as very enthusiastic and grateful to begin the job, hinting at his excitement to hit the recruiting trail and get to work before ultimately assembling his staff later on. Speaking of that staff, it will be interesting to see who he turns to in the coming days. Those hirings very well could make or break the next few years.

Spring practice is just beginning to warm up, but head coach Paul Johnson is already fed up with poor offensive line play from his team in the early goings. Johnson was very candid in his post-scrimmage interview, remarking that the unit's blocking "doesn't seem to be getting any better" despite the coaching staff's efforts to work towards improving both the pass blocking and run blocking aspects of the offense. There are a couple of positions on Paul Johnson's offense that the system can live without great production from, but the offensive line is by no means one of them. If the 2016 line struggles as much as the 2015 one did, then we could be in for a second consecutive season of very ugly option football.

Around Atlanta, the word "Tech" can only really refer to one school. For the rest of the nation, however, there are a few more options -- here's an interesting map of what each state in the country generally thinks of when they hear the word "Tech". It appears that Texas Tech is statistically the best-known Tech, occupying just about every state west of the Mississippi. Georgia Tech, meanwhile, comes in second place with a strong showing in the Southeast. Virginia Tech and Louisiana Tech come in second and third, respectively, with the Hokies owning the Virginia area and Louisiana Tech taking just its home state.

How are you feeling about the Josh Pastner hire?