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Technical Tidbits 3/4

The Demetris Robertson train has no breaks but that's just fine because the ride has no end in the first place.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech will wrap up a nice homestand this weekend with a three-game set versus the Western Carolina Catamounts, a series which would allow for a perfect 11-0 start to the baseball season if Tech gets the sweep. The announced starting rotation for the weekend is Brandon Gold this afternoon, Keyton Gibson on Saturday, and Jonathan Hughes on Sunday. That's a great rotation, but it does indicate that usual starter Jonathan King is likely still experiencing some sort of shoulder discomfort after his missed start last week. Hopefully he will get back to the rotation soon; his left-handed presence will be invaluable when ACC play rolls around. Care to hear a strange-but-true fact before moving on? There are actually two schools in the NCAA which share the nickname "Catamounts", with the other being the University of Vermont. That's critical information.

Meanwhile, the Demetris Robertson saga continues to press on. The consensus five-star athlete recently announced that he will end up taking his final official visit to UGA after all, an proclamation met with a confusing amount of excitement from Georgia fans. Perhaps I shouldn't even say that the fans are the ones taking this news so seriously; it is more of a media issue at this point. The bottom line is that finally getting a prospect on campus after multiple cancelled trips is not that much of an encouraging factor for a football program. Hey guys, he finally said yes! He must love us! I knew it all along!

Perhaps the most egregious example of the media reading too much into non-existent storylines pertaining to high school-age athletes comes from this Bleacher Report article published yesterday. It actually blows my mind how poorly-justified everything in that is. It's like the guy who wrote it considered every little detail except for the things that Robertson has actually said, many of which would contradict the haphazardly-created "odds" that he assigned to each school. I'm not a believer in assigning odds to any potential occurrence, but there could at least be some sort of insight to help allow the information take a step up from absurd conjecture to something more like "educated guess". There was none in this situation because there is no data or really any concrete statements made one way or another. It's just guesswork.

All of that confusing speculation has me tapped out on Demetris Robertson takes. I just hope that he is able to make the decision that is best for him and ends up where he wants to be. If that's Stanford then good for him, but he deserves the ability to take his time if he wants to. His efforts in retaking the SAT repeatedly to meet Stanford's admissions standards are commendable; I can't imagine spending that many Saturdays in a little room from 7:30 to 1:00. The fact that he's doing it speaks volumes about his character.

Have a great weekend!