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Technical Tidbits 3/3

Is playing in the opening weekend of the ACC Tournament actually in Tech's best interests?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Although plenty has gone right for the Jackets during their perfect 8-0 start to the baseball season, the team's formidable double-play duo of Wade Bailey and Connor Justus has proved especially effective in the early goings. In fact, no team in the entire nation has turned more than Tech's thirteen double plays through the first eight games of the campaign. That excellent defense paired with otherworldly hitting from a number of Jackets -- many of whom are just freshmen or sophomores -- bodes extremely well for both the remainder of the current season and for seasons to come. It should be a fun season, especially if you enjoy multi-faceted teams which experience success in all aspects of the game.

Although many losses don't feel worth reviewing (or even remembering), there is a lot to be learned from Georgia Tech's disappointing road loss at the hands of Louisville on Tuesday night. One of the more amazing things about the game is that Tech's first half can be summed up as both encouraging and frustrating at the same time; the team went to the half down by just a point on the road but very well could have been up by a handful had a few more bounces gone their way. Another interesting and somewhat paradoxical happening is that the Jackets very well could clinch a first-round ACC Tournament bye but could quite frankly be better off playing a winnable game versus a fellow bottomfeeder just to boost the win total. That would, of course, assume a win -- something that the past five years have taught us not to do -- but presents an interesting situation nevertheless.

Agony is mounting in the state of Louisiana as more and more speculation regarding a potential budget crisis begins to gain momentum. Though that may sound like the basis of a question to be asked in a political context, it is actually an even greater worry: it means that LSU football has some remote chance of being shut down. Essentially what would happen is that the school would lose funding, therefore ending classes prematurely and not providing LSU's student athletes with the proper credits that they need to retain NCAA eligibility. Simply put it would be the worst case scenario for the state, not to mention a very unique situation to say the least.

Would Tech be better off playing on day one of the ACC Tournament or taking the bye?