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Technical Tidbits 3/25

The state of Georgia Tech's basketball program is quite the conundrum.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the final horn having sounded on Tech's 2015 basketball season, it is now time to take a step back and examine the team's entire body of work in order to accurately assess the state of the program. I doubt that anyone would argue about this year being a big step up from last season's supremely disappointing result. The team finally looked passable on offense and continued to play Brian Gregory's defensively-minded, tough brand of basketball, reaping the benefits in the form of a deep NIT run and a winning record. Unfortunately, the evaluation simply can't stop there because the departure of the team's entire core has next year's outlook appearing bleak at best. It is hard to imagine who on the roster could possibly carry the team next season or in the future; there is just no foundation for success. It's true that transfers could help that issue tremendously just as they did this season, but any true analyst of the current situation would see that Georgia Tech's current trajectory is hardly positive. Something big needs to happen if that is to change any time soon.

Georgia Tech baseball got off to a phenomenal start in Chapel Hill last night, defeating the hometown Tar Heels by a final score of 3-2 on the back of a masterful pitching performance from Tech's Brandon Gold. In outhitting the No. 3 Tar Heels 10-6, the Jackets proved that they can play against the nation's very best, a message that many were skeptical about Tech's ability to deliver following the three-game sweep in Tallahassee. The game was supposed to be played on Friday but an impromptu decision saw the first pitch moved up to Thursday night for what I assume to be weather concerns; I couldn't find anything specific on the change. The Jackets will go for the series win tonight at 5:00.

I've been holding off on mentioning Georgia's controversial "religious liberty" bill for fear of inciting World Wars III, IV, and V, but the potential sports implications of passing such a measure are seemingly growing by the day: the SEC is now sounding off on how passing such legislation would impact its status in Atlanta. The SEC's decision to throw its hat into the ring means that a potential Super Bowl, future college playoff aspirations, and now the SEC Championship could all be on their way out of Atlanta with the passing of the bill. Amazingly enough, that only scratches the surface of the various businesses and sectors which have delivered ultimatums regarding the bill -- Hollywood and even Disney (ESPN's parent company) have made similar threats. Let's keep the comments sports-relevant on this topic, lest they descend into the fiery depths like they did in the comments section of the article above.

Bad lip reading is one of the funniest video series on the Internet, but Notre Dame's version just may be the best yet. The Irish were absolutely obnoxious on the field this season, but I have to hand it to Malik Zaire and Jay Hayes for creating one of the best football parodies you'll see. Now we just need to get someone on a Paul Johnson bad lip reading and we'll be set for life.

Have a great weekend!