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Georgia Tech Pro Day: Draft Stock Report

Today was Georgia Tech's Pro Day, did anyone's draft stock improve?

Marc Serota/Getty Images

Scouts from 29 NFL teams(and 1 CFL team) showed up to Georgia Tech's pro day to put the Jackets through an array of drills measuring the speed, agility, strength, and ball skills of each player. Several Tech players were able to show their skills and get noticed by Pro Scouts after not being invited to the NFL Scouting Combine.

The Participants

  • OL Bryan Chamberlain
  • RB Synjyn Days
  • S/KR Jamal Golden
  • DT Adam Gotsis
  • OL Errin Joe
  • LB Tyler Marcordes
  • DB Chris Milton
  • RB/FB Patrick Skov
  • S Demond Smith
  • RB Broderick Snoddy
  • CB DJ White


Disclaimer: Since there are no official published 40 times, I took the times I was able to by hand on my phone. There is likely a decent bit of error in my numbers. To correct, you should probably add 0.05-0.07 seconds to the times I got to account for reaction time at the start as well as thumb travel.

  • Several players posted great 40 times, with Synjyn Days greatly improving on last years numbers. I clocked him at 4.41, though I imagine the actual number was closer to 4.5. Still excellent for a RB of his size.
  • Chris Milton continued to put on a show in the 40, where I was able to get him at 4.28 and 4.29. The actual number was likely closer to the 4.35 he posted at the regional combine, but the fact that he was able to replicate that performance will sit well with scouts.
  • I timed Tyler Marcordes at 4.54 on both runs, and the AJC reported that he ran a 4.62. Anything in that range is exceptional. Marcordes also moved well in coverage drills, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Jamal Golden caught Punts and Kicks for scouts, and did well. Snoddy also took kicks, but ended up dropping one.
  • In DB drills, DJ White looked the most fluid and showed the best ball skills. Milton was quick, but he dropped a few too many balls during the session.
  • Demond Smith injured himself badly on his first 40 yard dash and unfortunately was unable to continue.
  • Days continued his good showing in RB drills, where he was the most fluid and showed off his greatly improved burst. Skov also looked quite good in drills. The Scouts focused heavily on making the RBs catch passes out of the backfield, and Days showed reliable hands. I don't remember him dropping a single pass.
  • Tyler Marcordes tried out as a Long Snapper. He had a few good snaps, but had a couple low ones near the end of the drill.
  • On the bench, Gotsis posted 23 reps, which would have been on the lower end for DTs at the combine. It's not a red flag number, but it could be better. Days posted 24 reps, which would have been tied for 5th at his position at the combine. Patrick Skov won the day with 31 reps. He actually did more than that, but his first several reps were not counted because he didn't lock his arms out all the way.
  • Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff were both in attendance.

Biggest Winners

Synjyn Days

Days simply excelled in every single drill. He dropped 20 pounds from the end of the 2014 season, and it significantly increased his burst and ability to move laterally. He showed that, given a full year to work, he could be a professional and constantly strive to become a better athlete. It's important to note that Days is now a free agent, and will not go through the draft process again. He can sign with any team at any time. It will be interesting to see if he meets with any teams in the near future.

DJ White

White stuck with his combine numbers, and didn't repeat any drills. He did, however, do the 60 yard shuttle, as he did not complete that drill in Indianapolis. White participated in coverage drills with scouts, and showed off his ability to quickly get in and out of breaks. He also had the best day catching the ball. He's firmly in the draft discussion now, and is likely around a 5th rounder.

Chris Milton

Milton continued to post blazing 40 times, and Coach Johnson mentioned during a quick Q&A with the media that he has begun to gain more interest from scouts. Milton reinforced his great 40 time, and while he didn't move as well in space as DJ White, he did well enough. Milton adds terrific special teams value to any team that brings him in, and could find a place on a team as a special teams ace. I don't think he's quite elevated himself into the draft, but he has helped his UDFA prospects tremendously.

Tyler Marcordes

Marcordes ran faster than expected and was much better in coverage drills today. Teams could covet his size and speed as a special teams ace at the next level. He wasn't perfect from the long snapper position, but if can show improvement before the start of rookie camps, he may get a shot to prove himself and compete with existing long snappers in the NFL. If not, he will be able to try out as a special teamer and reserve linebacker.