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Technical Tidbits 3/15

Help the Georgia Tech basketball managers in their noble quest for a championship!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Popular support for head coach Brian Gregory has undoubtedly waned sine his hiring back in 2011, but a few of the people whose opinions matter the most still seem to have the embattled coach's back: his players. In particular, senior forward Charles Mitchell feels that Gregory -- a man who has acted as a mentor for him since his arrival at Tech from Maryland two years ago -- is an excellent leader and coach. Mitchell, one of the most outspoken players in the Tech program, has undoubtedly grown as a player under the leadership of Brian Gregory. His phenomenal 2015 season is a clear indicator of that impact. In fact, plenty of transfers and players have grown and developed positively under Brian Gregory during his tenure in Atlanta. The problem? All of the players who didn't experience similar prosperity create a very real and very incriminating case against Gregory. What will happen with the program still remains to be seen, but it could take more than a good word from one player for Brian Gregory to be saved at this point.

In lighter basketball news, Tech guard Marcus Georges-Hunt is simply grateful for the opportunity to be playing postseason basketball for the first -- and last -- time in his college career. Georges-Hunt, a four year starter at Tech who has quickly become one of the best players in program history, is having his best season since arriving at Tech as a part of an impressive 2012 recruiting class. Interestingly enough, he and guard Corey Heyward are the only two players remaining from that class; forward Robert Carter, Jr. as well as guards Solomon Poole and Chris Bolden have since departed. Congratulations to Georges-Hunt and the rest of the team on a well-deserved postseason appearance. Hopefully they can pull out a win tomorrow night versus Houston.

The basketball team itself isn't the only Georgia Tech entity with a lot at stake in the coming days; the team managers are currently facing off with Pittsburgh's managers in a contest of their own. The winner will be decided by a Twitter vote, so be sure to cast your vote quickly. At last check, the Panthers were destroying the Jackets with close to a 50% advantage in the polling. That is just disappointing. How can we stand to lose to the managers of a school whose true basketball team we just defeated? Get to work.

You still have a little bit of time left to join the annual FTRS bracket contest, so don't forget to do so! There were, as of 10:00 PM last night, just 32 registered brackets. In my eyes, failing to get to at least 50 would be a poor showing. Honestly,  I'll just never understand why anyone would turn down the eternal glory of being an FTRS bracket champion, or even a runner up. Maybe we need to install some incentive. Feel free to brainstorm in the comments if you have a suggestion.

Have a great Tuesday!