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Technical Tidbits 3/1

Even presidential candidates enjoy trolling UGA fans.

Heidi Heilbrunn-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech basketball will face one of its toughest tests of the season tonight when they make the journey up to Kentucky for a rematch with Louisville. In fact, this game and Saturday's Pitt game are going to be the two determining factors as far as Tech's hopes of an NCAA berth are concerned; twenty wins is considered by many to be the benchmark for a tournament-caliber team. Though the Cardinals elected to self-impose a postseason ban, this game is not going to be an easy victory by any means. I suppose that there's a possibility that the team will be deflated and frustrated (they've lost three of their last six), but my money says that we get to see an angry L'Ville team playing its final home game of the season in front of an even angrier home crowd. That second scenario doesn't bode well for any visiting team, but especially not for Tech.

SB Nation's Bill C recently took the time to back in history and rank the ten best college football teams of each decade, starting in the late 1800s and ending with the 2015 season. Georgia Tech placed in three of the listed decades, finishing third for the 1910s, seventh for the 1920s, and fifth for the 1950s. I doubt that many people reading this have too many memories of any of those decades, but it must have been good time to be at Tech. Except for, you know, World War I and the Korean War and the Great Depression. Oh well, there's a price to pay for having a winning football team.

I'll leave you today with some high-level UGA trolling from presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who spoke to a crowd in Atlanta yesterday afternoon. Rubio, a Florida Gator himself, made the following comment while addressing today's SEC primary in Georgia:

"They keep calling (Tuesday) ‘the SEC primary.’ There’s some ACC schools in there. This is a Georgia Tech town, right?"

Of course, no UGA trolling would be complete without some whiny kickback from an SEC website. I'm not entirely sure how citing Twitter followers is an accurate representation of the popular opinion of Atlanta -- the city that Rubio was referring to -- but I guess I'm not an expert in butthurtness either. I'll have to work on that.

What do you think has to happen for the Jackets to get serious NCAA Tournament consideration as the season comes to a close?