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Technical Tidbits 2/9

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Fear not, for baseball season will soon be upon us.

The baseball dance.
The baseball dance.
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Brian Gregory held his weekly teleconference yesterday, revealing some of his thoughts on the development of Tadric Jackson and Ben Lammers, quality play by freshmen in the ACC, and a couple of other interesting topics. One of the more interesting things that Gregory touched on was the significance of playing transfers in the current landscape of college basketball -- he clearly sees the high number of one-year players on Tech's roster as more of a benefit than anything else. In fact, getting these experienced transfer sounds excellent on paper, particularly when you consider that there is not sharp learning curve (minus that of learning the new system) or transition from high school to college basketball. Veteran players who can come in and win games? Sign me up! However, the only real issue with this gameplan unfortunately trumps all of the positives: it just hasn't worked, at least at Tech. It may be time to rely more on developing talent than simply acquiring it for a year.

Fans of Georgia Tech baseball can rest in peace knowing that no fewer than 24 games for the upcoming season will be broadcast on either ESPN3 or television. It may not seem like a huge number, but the growth from season to season is really indicative of the increasing interest in college baseball from around the nation. It's almost like people are realizing that college baseball is a fun, competitive sport which offers fans an opportunity to watch tomorrow's MLB stars play at little to no cost! Isn't that neat? And to think it only took a few hundred years! Tech's season is set to start in a couple of weeks with a home swing against Purdue, Western Michigan, and VCU.

I'll leave you today with a quick look at five of Ken Sugiura's observations from Tech's disappointing loss to Miami over the weekend. Isn't it a nice little bit of irony that the Jackets missed exactly as many free throws (seven) as they would have needed to tie the game? I'm really starting to think that free throws are a tiny bit important, but that's too crazy. The bottom line, as Sugiura mentions, is that Tech is now 5-23 within the ACC dating back to last season. That just isn't cutting it, especially when you consider the factors which give Georgia Tech the foundation to be a national basketball power.

Have a great Tuesday!