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Technical Tidbits 2/8

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In which a couple of former Jackets bring home Super Bowl rings.

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Georgia Tech continued its all too familiar narrative over the weekend, losing a tightly contested game to the No. 17 Miami Hurricanes by a final score of 75-68 in Atlanta. The Jackets, now 12-11 on the year, have won just two conference games in ten tries. It's true that the schedule from here will get much easier than it has been, but the team has already proven that it struggles to play with the best. Some success down the stretch very well could get the Jackets into the postseason -- likely the NIT as opposed to the NCAA Tournament -- but nothing is a given at this point. Tech will have a good opportunity to get back on track this week against Wake Forest and Clemson.

Congratulations to Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, who took home a ring with his Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 over the weekend. Perhaps the most impressive part of Thomas' story is that his Super Bowl win is one of the first games that his mother, who was just recently released from prison, was able to watch in person. Although Thomas made just a single catch for 8 yards in the game just two seasons after setting the Super Bowl record in that category, it's safe to assume that the game will be one of the most memorable for both himself and his mother.

Speaking of Demaryius Thomas, he got hit. Hard. Again. In the Super Bowl. I'm not sure what it is about Thomas playing in the postseason that makes him a moving target for the Kam Chancellor's and Luke Kuechly's of the world, but he tends to get thumped. Maybe it's just some old ACC animosity at work -- Chancellor went to Virginia Tech and Kuechly went to Boston College. Was including this article just an excuse to point out how many talented players come out of the ACC? Possibly. Do I regret it? Nope.

This period is just about as dead as it gets in terms of college sports news, particularly when your basketball team is struggling so mightily. That said, there is still one player left on Tech's big board for the 2016 cycle, five-star athlete Demetris Robertson. Robertson, out of Savannah, is reportedly still considering Tech to this day along with a slew of other schools, but no other news outlet has even mentioned Tech as a candidate for his services. I propose to counter that with two things: this excellent article by Joey and Robertson's highlights, which can be seen below.

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