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Technical Tidbits 2/5

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Reminder: Your opinion does not concern Paul Johnson.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech commit Jordan Woods, a four-star defensive end out of Citra, FL, very well could be the most quotable player in the entire 2016 recruiting class. If you are one of those people who salivate over recruits who place a strong emphasis on academics, then Woods will probably be your favorite player of the 18 signees -- he was clearly impressed by what Tech offered him from a "40-year plan" standpoint.

"You start looking at them and they all start looking the same. You look good, but you don’t excite me anymore. You don’t excite me like this girl excites me."

I mean, the only way to gain understanding of the context of a quote like that is to read the article. How's that for a hook? I also like his comments about Paul Johnson's recruiting pitch. He made it very clear that Johnson emphasized being a student first while other presumably larger programs barely mentioned the topic.

He was impressed that coach Paul Johnson told recruits and their families that "if you don’t want to be a student, don’t come here, because you have to be a student. Other schools will be like, you’ll do this. We’ll put you in a criminal justice class."

That's a very impressive mentality. What 18-year-old in their right mind would decline the opportunity to play at a football factory while coasting through a semi-respected academic program on their way to an easy degree? Not many would shun that course of action in favor of a tough academic commitment on top of football. I can't wait to see what Woods is capable of, both off and on the field.

Few things make me happier than seeing a recent signee or commit dubbed the "best-kept secret" in the state. We saw it last season with safety A.J. Gray -- who made a phenomenal impact as a freshman -- and now the same thing is beginning to happen for wide receiver Jalen Camp, a three-star prospect out of South Forsyth High School. Paul Johnson and company have always earned their salaries by finding similar "under-the-radar" type players. In fact, some of the best players of the Paul Johnson era, including Shaq Mason, Adam Gotsis, and DeAndre Smelter, have largely been the product of the staff's relentless search for unseen talent. Whether Jalen Camp will fit into that category by the time his college career ends remains to be seen, but there's no better feeling than getting a guy with that type of potential as somewhat of a late-cycle steal.

I'll leave you today with a reminder from head coach Paul Johnson that he simply couldn't care less about how his class is ranked by the media. That's an easy statement to make when your recruiting is struggling (at least in the eyes of the media), but the truth is that recruiting rankings don't mean anything until roughly four years later. No one cares about what a player may or may not become because the only thing that even remotely matters is what they do when they get here. This is not me trying to justify or anything or protect anyone; it's just a statement. We won't know anything for certain for a number of years, so why put so much stock into projections and rankings now?

Which player from the 2016 recruiting class are you most excited to see?