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Technical Tidbits 2/4

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National Signing Day yielded some not-so-fun results for Tech fans.

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Georgia Tech's 2016 recruiting class appears to just about complete, with just one player -- five star athlete Demetris Robertson -- still making a college decision. Tech missed on another key target on signing day when offensive lineman Jordan Johnson elected to attend Central Florida, a school which went 0-12 a season ago, as opposed to recommitting to Georgia Tech. That decision is discouraging, though it isn't particularly hard to understand when one considers the ominous circumstances under which Johnson decommitted in the first place in tandem with the animosity that some Tech fans showed following the decommitment. All said, Tech missed out on every prospect on the big board, not including the long-shot chance of Demetris Robertson committing. That's not the way to end a cycle.

Speaking of Demetris Robertson, his recruitment seems to be relatively wide open. There are strong indications that he would commit to Stanford on the spot if his SAT scores come back high enough to meet admissions standards for the prestigious university, but a trio of other high-profile schools -- namely UGA, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech -- are still in the running for Robertson's services. I'd wager that the odds of Robertson ending up at Tech are not great right now, though the school is an excellent fit for his preferred major of Civil Engineering. It goes without saying that picking up a commitment from the first five-star player in Tech history -- a fact which has been a large part of Tech's recruiting pitch to Robertson all along -- would be phenomenal for Tech's class. Don't get too excited, but don't rule anything out either.

It's something!

Georgia Tech basketball dropped another big game on Tuesday, falling at home to the Duke Blue Devils by a final score of 80-71. The Jackets just couldn't hold a four-point halftime lead, allowing the Coach K-less Devils go up by fifteen with just a few minutes left in the game. Tech, now 12-10 overall and 2-7 within the ACC, has just nine games left before the ACC Tournament this year. The NCAA Tournament hopes are just about dead at this point -- nothing short of winning out and having an impressive showing in the ACC Tournament would help with that.

Do you like Tech's odds of landing Demetris Robertson?