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Georgia Tech Football: Meet the Recruits - WR Jair Hawkins-Anderson

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Today, we're taking a look at a lightning fast WR out of Northview High School!

Georgia Tech Athletics

As a Recruit

A football and track standout, Anderson played his high school ball about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta at Northview High School. The three star WR had interest from around 20 other schools with offers from Tennessee, Louisville, and that other school in Athens. Anderson was also receiving interest from FSU, Clemson, and Notre Dame. On December 26th, he gave Tech fans a late Christmas gift and became the 12th commit of the the Yellow Jackets 2016 class.

Anderson has good size at 6'2", but what really sets him apart is his blazing speed. When he attended Tech's camp, he ran a 4.38 and coach Paul Johnson offered him on the spot. For some perspective on that number, at last year's NFL combine, just 4 of the 39 WR's ran a time faster than that. Here's what coach Bryan Cook had to say about Anderson on signing day:

Film Review

As mentioned earlier, Anderson has ridiculous speed and showcases that in his film, consistently getting behind defenders. He is very effective on bubble screens and is clearly a lethal weapon whenever he get's the ball in space. With the vision he shows in his film, I would not be surprised to see him get a chance to put his speed to use returning kicks. Additionally, his film shows that Anderson plays the ball extremely well and appears to have good hands. He is able to track the ball and adjust to his opponents coverage. With his combination of size and speed, he is going to be a tough cover for any defender.

The only question I have after watching Anderson's film is how effective he will be at blocking, given his film didn't show any footage of him blocking outside of one play. As we all know, blocking is a critical component of WR's responsibilities in Paul Johnson's offense and we have seen talented WR's left on the sideline before because they struggle with blocking. Now, I'm not saying Anderson is a poor blocker and if he is, I'm not saying he can't improve, but at this point his blocking ability is a question mark and something for fans to keep an eye on.

Lastly, the film shows Anderson playing CB a lot and in fact, some schools were recruiting him to play defense. Personally, I think his playmaking ability is a much better fit for offense, but it's possible we see him switch positions at some point. If that happens, all the attributes that make him a great WR should carry over to CB as well.

What to Expect

No one really knows what to expect out of Jair Anderson this year. As Cade Lawson mentioned before when talking about Steve Dolphus, the Jackets return a strong core of WRs (Brad Stewart, Antonio Messick, Ricky Jeune, Christian Philpott, & Harland Howell), which could definitely make it difficult for Anderson to crack the rotation. I think Anderson's clearest path to the field next season actually comes on special teams. If he can come in and be an impact player on special teams, he has a great chance to see the field next year. However, I think the most likely scenario is that we see Anderson get redshirted, continue to become stronger, and become an impact player in a couple years for the Jackets!