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Technical Tidbits 2/26

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In which Joe Hamilton moves on to his next great endeavor.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech baseball improved to 4-0 on the season on Wednesday night, defeating rival Georgia Southern in 16 innings down in Statesboro. Those 16-innings marked a new record for the longest game in Georgia Tech history, passing a couple of 15-inning affairs versus Oglethorpe (1933) and NC State (2011) to top the list. It took a three-run homer from Brandon Gold in the top of the 16th inning to get it done, but 4-0 is absolutely nothing to complain about; the team proved once again that it has what it takes to be competitive, this time on the road. The Cardiac Jackets will get back to work starting today with a three-game weekend series with UMBC.

Senior forward Marcus Georges-Hunt's strong belief in his team has become quite the hot topic lately: the New York Times became the most recent news outlet to remark on it just yesterday. Without Georges-Hunt, there's no telling where this season would be. He has just about single-handedly propelled this team from the basement of the ACC to serious contention for a postseason appearance, at least in the NIT or a similar competition. Though it isn't an NCAA berth, an NIT-type situation would do wonders for the morale of both the fanbase and the program itself. We have none other than Marcus Georges-Hunt to thank for that opportunity to repair some pretty serious damage.

Former Georgia Tech quarterback Joe Hamilton's Tech coaching career may be coming to an end for now, but a new and equally fruitful endeavor will await him at his new job as a private quarterbacks coach. Hamilton, one of the greatest to ever play on The Flats, has served for just about three years in the Georgia Tech recruiting office. His exceptional effort has allowed the Jackets to net a few of the best recruiting classes of the Paul Johnson era, all of which have been full of high-level talent and impact players. The static nature of the offensive coaching staff following a disappointing 2015 season meant that Hamilton would have no opportunity to move up in the coaching ranks, and a new start seemed appropriate. Thanks to Joe for three great years of work!

Have a great weekend!