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Technical Tidbits 2/25

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Marcus Georges-Hunt's loyalty and patience are finally beginning to pay off.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Reading recent reports online can make it easy to question whether five-star wide receiver Demetris Robertson is still considering Georgia Tech, but the Savannah native himself once again reiterated that Georgia Tech is very much alive as an option for his collegiate career. Making it very clear that his decision would be based purely on academics, Robertson emphasized that Tech's proximity his mother and the recruiting staff's strong pitch of Tech being a "40-year plan" have truly resounded with him. It seems that he still plans to retake the SAT again at this point in hopes of qualifying for Stanford, and those scores would not get back for a few months (May 18th is the listed date). That seems a little bit long to me, but I suppose there must be some factor impeding College Board's ability to get scores out quickly. It just means that every school, and Robertson himself, will have to play a waiting game for a little while longer.

One of the highlights of Tech's current three-game ACC winning streak is undoubtedly the fact that senior Marcus Georges-Hunt's patience with the program finally seems to be paying off, if only a little bit. It is crazy to consider, but Georges-Hunt is one of two athletes on the roster who has played a full career at Tech (along with Corey Heyward). Given the current landscape of college basketball, one overrun with transfers and dismissals, it is remarkable that a player of Georges-Hunt's caliber elected to stick it out through what nearly everyone expected to be an era of rebuilding on The Flats. He is one of the most talented players in the conference and would have had nearly every program knocking had he decided to transfer, but he elected to stay put. That is a tough decision to make and is very indicative of Georges-Hunt's high character. Hopefully the team can make something special happen for him down the stretch.

Georges-Hunt, by the way, was the man who hit the game-winning free throws with just seconds remaining to beat Clemson on Tuesday night. In fact, it was largely Georges-Hunt who brought the Jackets back from a large halftime deficit of nine against the Tigers. A great offensive effort combined with a very solid defensive performance against Clemson's Jaron Blossomgame allowed for Brian Gregory's team to get that coveted third straight ACC win, even with some bumps along the way. The Jackets will look to continue their hot streak on Saturday at Boston College.

What do Demetris Robertson's most recent comments tell you about his impending college decision?