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Technical Tidbits 2/22

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Brain Gregory's squad finally has some positive momentum. Will it carry on for the remainder of the season?

A couple of Tech legends hug it out.
A couple of Tech legends hug it out.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech's basketball team brought home perhaps its most impressive win of the season on Saturday, having upset No. 19 Notre Dame 63-62 on a last-second basket by senior Marcus Georges-Hunt. I can't attest to what the specific play that Brian Gregory drew up in the final seconds of the game was, but it sure seemed to be something along the lines of "throw the ball to Marcus Georges-Hunt and pray for the best". The results in this case were phenomenal, with MGH coming away with his second career buzzer-beater against a top-25 team -- the first came during the 2012 season when the Jackets upset then-No. 7 Miami down in Coral Gables. Tech will ride its two-game winning streak into Tuesday's game against Clemson in hopes of making it three in a row over ACC opponents.

Speaking of three-game winning streaks, Danny Hall's Yellow Jacket baseball team started off the season in that exact manner with a clean sweep of the competition at Tech's Atlanta Challenge. The pitching for the Jackets was nothing short of amazing from start to finish, allowing just three runs in total to the trio of Purdue, Western Michigan, and VCU. Freshman pitcher Jonathan Hughes, a second-round MLB pick who turned down a sizable signing bonus in order to attend Tech, allowed just one run over six innings in his collegiate debut against VCU. He, in conjunction with Jonathan Kind, Ben Parr, and Cole Pitts, could potentially be a member of one of the best pitching rotations in college baseball this season. It's still early, but 3-0 sure looks nice on paper.

Pointing out that the ACC is one of the weaker football conferences is one of America's favorite hobbies. It is only natural that such a sentiment would be followed by mass speculation of high-tier teams attempting to leave the conference, including this ESPN piece explaining why Florida State jumping to the Big 12 would be a logical move for both parties. In my honest opinion, "logical" is a pretty strong word for this situation. I mean, the only pro would be the financial aspect. Just about everything else would make no sense.

  1. The closest Big 12 school to Florida State is Baylor, which is 866 miles away. The furthest? Iowa State, located roughly 1,177 miles from Tallahassee.
  2. It would likely mean saying goodbye to two of the school's three biggest rivals (Clemson, Miami, and Florida).
  3. The ACC is a much stronger conference in terms of both basketball and baseball.
  4. Lance Austin wouldn't have any kickers to send flying into outer space.

And speaking of kickers who get sent into outer space...

Oh, Roberto. This is why kickers aren't allowed to have egos. Get back on those tackling drills.

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