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Technical Tidbits 2/17

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All I can tell you is that the Illuminati Overlords have commanded Demetris Robertson to hold off on making a college decision. IT'S RIGHT THERE IN THE SYLLABLES, PEOPLE!

Little do they know that they've awoken the Pauluminati.
Little do they know that they've awoken the Pauluminati.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech announced each of the 2016 promotional dates for football games yesterday, including the annual "Whiteout" game and various other events. The Whiteout, which was played against Florida State last season and Miami the season prior, will be held on Thursday, September 22nd when No. 1 Clemson comes to Atlanta. The following home game, against Miami, will be Family Weekend, followed by the Hall of Fame game against Georgia Southern two weeks later. The year rounds out with Homecoming against the hot-recruiting Duke Blue Devils and the annual Toy Drive when Virginia comes to town prior to Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate in Athens.

It is no secret that a fair number of teams have managed to dominate Georgia Tech basketball for the past few years. Duke, North Carolina, and similar ACC powerhouses certainly come to mind when considering schools that have experienced great success against the Jackets, but the team with the longest winning streak versus Tech is actually tonight's opponent: Florida State. Yes, the same Florida State team which has only experienced marginally more success than Tech itself. That Florida State. I can't even express the importance of tonight's game, if for no other reason than the fact that a victory would bestow upon Tech fans in attendance the ability to chant "JUST LIKE FOOTBALL" in the most obnoxious way possible. I can't think of a better "up yours" to a fanbase than listening to fans of another team chant that at your team which just lost to a 3-9 football team and 13-12 basketball team. That is just about rock bottom for FSU fans.

Five-star wide receiver Demetris Robertson, the final player on Tech's big board for the 2016 cycle, appears no closer to deciding now than he was a week ago. That, of course, is just speculation on my part -- he very well could have made his decision by now and just not informed anyone about it. In fact, anyone who claims to know anything about Robertson's status with 100% certainty is probably not worth listening to. There's plenty to speculate about, but everyone needs to breathe a little bit. Some outlets are reporting that Robertson is planning to retake his SAT again in March (kill me now), but others have heard no such news. The only thing we know for certain is that every single fan base in the running has found ABSOLUTE and IRREFUTABLE evidence that [insert my favorite school here] is the 100% landing spot for Robertson. I mean, did you SEE what he put on [Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter]? It's done. It's over. We win. Such conjectures are not super helpful to anyone. BUT WAIT, he uploaded a picture to Instagram with exactly THREE people in it. #IlluminatiConfirmed

Former Yellow Jacket and current Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is expected to miss the majority of the remainder of the 2016 NBA season as he deals with the emergence of more blood clots, this time in his left calf. Bosh, who was pulled from All-Star festivities in Toronto in order to fly back to South Beach for further examination, missed much of last season after a life-threatening experience with blood clots in his lungs. It is unclear how the new clots will impact Bosh's playing career, although the odds of a long-term impact being made seem a bit higher this time around. It is a shame for anyone to have to experience such a dangerous and trying condition, but Bosh in particular is a man of extremely high character and talent. We are certainly hoping for a speedy recovery for the All-Star.

What is the most obscure reason you can find to prove with absolute certainty that Demetris Robertson is coming to Tech?