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Technical Tidbits 2/16

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Georgia Tech owes a lot of money to a lot of people. Is adding to that list a good move?

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Despite sub-par performances by both the 3-9 football team and presently struggling basketball team this year, the Georgia Tech Athletic Association is projected to finish with a surplus of $750,000 for the fiscal year. The rest of the Deep South looks at that number and chuckles, but an extra $750,000 is nothing to sneeze at for Tech when you consider that projections had the GTAA just breaking even for the year.

"Hey look, now they can afford to fire Brian Gregory!"

Technically yes but practically not really. Gregory's buyout amounts to total of $1.6125MM over two years. Unfortunately, Paul Hewitt is still being payed $900,000 annually until 2019 as well for a total of $2.7MM. Those numbers coupled with the costs of hiring a totally new basketball coach, presumably with a salary of somewhere around $1.1M, would mean that Tech's expenses on a head coach alone until the end of the Hewitt buyout would total about $7.6MM. That's a figure that few schools, big or small, could afford to spend in one place. The worst part is that my estimate of $1.1M for a new coach is extremely low; I based it on Gregory's salary. It would likely take much more than that to pull an established coach away from his program, especially when the Gregg Marshall's of the world are refusing to leave Wichita State for all the money in Texas.

Paul Johnson and the rest of the football staff are hoping for a complete 180 from last season's aforementioned 3-9 record with a strong 2016 season, one which will hopefully prove that the art of consistency is still alive on The Flats. Johnson, in the above interview with ESPN, was characteristically candid. Perhaps the most telling quote from the entire article comes as a response to a question regarding the offensive line and how it's looking so far.

There’s going to be some good competition -- and the offensive line, we’ve got to replace some people but quite honestly we couldn’t play much worse up there, so I’m excited about that.

I suppose that we now have confirmation that the 2015 offensive line was quite literally as bad as it possibly could have been, at least in the eyes of one expert. I'm personally not comfortable passing that type of judgement on the unit, but I'm also not being paid $2.5M to evaluate the team. I only make somewhere around half of that by writing for this site.

I'll leave you today with another phenomenal suggestion by Paul Johnson himself: replacing the pre-game coin toss with a tug of war match. I'm in favor of this idea, but I've heard that others feel it favors "BIG PHYSICS" by placing a higher emphasis on SPC, or Shamire's Per Capita. In fact, whether or not this makes it into law really comes down to who ends up nominating the newest Supreme Court Justice; to suggest otherwise would be absolute jiggery-pokery and pure applesauce to say the least. We reached out to a couple of presidential candidates for their views on the issue:


Oh well. Have a great Tuesday!