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Technical Tidbits 2/1

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Calvin Johnson's retirement marks the end of an era in the NFL.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

News broke yesterday that wide receiver Calvin Johnson, a legend in both Atlanta and Detroit for his historic output at his position, has decided to retire from the NFL effective immediately after nine years with the Lions. This news comes just over a month after it was reported that Johnson was at least considering retirement, although it hardly seemed imminent at that point given the lucrative nature of his contract and his relatively young age of just 30, well before the normal retirement age for players of his caliber and at his position. If this really is the end for Megatron, he will finish his NFL career with an amazing 731 receptions for 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns. I'm not really sure how ready I am to watch the NFL without Calvin Johnson in it; he will go down as one of the best of all time, having redefined the wide receiver position. Let's take a look at some of his career highlights.

Yeah, I'm not ready to move on quite yet. Oh wait, do you remember that time Calvin Johnson had 329 yards in a single game a few seasons back? That's good for second all-time in terms of single-game receiving yards. He also broke Jerry Rice's record for single-season receiving yards, against the Atlanta Falcons of all teams. Now seems like a great time to take a look back at that game as well.

Just in case you weren't depressed enough, I'll leave you today with a look back at Georgia Tech's sixth conference loss of the season: a devastating three-point defeat at the hands of Syracuse up in the Carrier Dome. The Jackets fought back from an early deficit to tie the game at the half but just couldn't close out yet again, missing key free throws with the opportunity to knot it up with under a minute left in the game. Things got even worse from there when the team failed to foul Syracuse with the shot clock off until there were fewer than 20 seconds remaining in the contest, meaning that the Jackets effectively wasted 10 seconds just watching the ball. The NCAA Tournament hopes appear all but gone at this point. An NIT berth is still very possible, but whether or not that will save Brian Gregory's job remains to be seen.

Which moment from Calvin Johnson's career will you remember the most?