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Georgia Tech Football: Little Big Plays - “I Have No Idea Why This Took Him a Month” Edition

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry guys, I actually wrote this almost a month ago, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and go through the process of typing it up. There was a lot of good stuff to study in this one, however, so better late than never!

Unfortunately my gif-making software was not working, so I’ve added a link to the game so you can follow the time stamps:

The Good

Q1 10:12 2nd and 4 - After getting pushed all the way down the field, the coaches put in Brandon Adams, who completely stuffs the Center, Allowing the rest of the defense to come in and clean up the play. RRC did a particularly good job of spinning off his block to make the tackle. This play led to a missed field goal attempt that would prove to be the difference in the game.

Q2 12:30 1st and 10 - Safety Blitz leads to Freeman getting a free release. This happens on 2 consecutive plays. Good on Roof here to recognize a tendency. This play sequence would eventually lead to a punt.

Q3 12:20 2nd and 6 - Fullback in the flat is open for a TD. AJ Gray comes on a blitz and gets his hands up when he reads the play. This drive ended in a field goal. This is the definition of a little big play. Without Gray’s seemingly small effort, georgia wins this game. There is no dramatic interception, no heroic leap. Tech fans will remember those plays for years. Be sure to remember this one too.

Q4 11:58 1st and 10 - RRC with a great play. Takes the TE with him, stretching out the play and eating the block of the OT. With numbers on their side, the Tech D finishes the play. RRC’s run defense on the edge will be missed.

Q4 7:41 2nd and 3 - Searcy throws a fantastic impromptu block here. There simply aren’t enough good things to say about his performance.

The Bad

Q1 14:25 2nd and 5 - Two Georgia Tech defenders get cut by #8, leading to a numbers advantage. To make matters worse, tackling on this play is atrocious. Compounded with the lines troubles holding the point of attack, it’s a miracle georgia didn’t score more points.

Little Big Player of the Game - S AJ Gray

Sometimes it only takes one play. After watching every game this season, there simply wasn’t a better example of a “Little Big Play” than Gray’s TD-saving pass deflection. On that alone, he gets the nod this week.