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Marcus Marshall to Leave Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Well, this is certainly less than ideal. Marcus Marshall, after leading Georgia Tech in rushing in both his freshman and sophomore years, will be leaving the Yellow Jackets.

We had heard rumblings about this possibility for a couple weeks, but I, personally, just couldn’t believe it. Nobody knows for sure, but there have been many speculated reasons as to Marshall’s now confirmed departure - splitting time with Mills, not really liking the B-Back position, etc.

Whatever his reasons, this is a huge blow for Georgia Tech. Marshall is a fantastic football player, and as we all know, Paul Johnson’s offense can never have enough ball carriers.

Tech is still left with freshman B-Back Dedrick Mills, who has been very good when he’s played this season. Unfortunately, Mills was suspended on two separate occasions this season for a total of three games and not many people have faith he will be able to complete his eligibility without a third strike.

In Tech’s final three games this season, Marshall rushed 44 times for 325 yards and three touchdowns. He finishes the season with 624 yards on 94 carries and four touchdowns.

We hate to see Marcus go, but wish him luck wherever he ends up.