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Georgia Tech Bowl Projections Roundup Finale

One last ride.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN (McMurphy) - TaxSlayer Bowl vs Arkansas

ESPN (Schlabach) - TaxSlayer Bowl vs Kentucky

Fox Sports - TaxSlayer Bowl vs Kentucky

Alright y’all, pack your bags, because we’re headed to Jacksonville!

All kidding aside, this is a great bowl game for the Jackets, assuming it comes to fruition. Like I said last week, if Tech was able to get a win in Athens - yup - they would likely head to Florida with a chance to finish 3-0 against the SEC this year.

I’ve broken down both of these matchups previously, so there’s no need to do that again. But both teams would be fun opponents for Tech and a good finish to the season - though I personally believe Kentucky would be a more fun game.

Overall, the TaxSlayer Bowl is a fine destination for a Georgia Tech team that started the season 3-3, before finishing 5-1 with wins on the road against Virginia Tech and Georgia. (Remember when we started doing these and we were projected to go to Detroit or St. Petersburg?)

Whoever the opponent, it looks like the Jackets will be headed to Jacksonville. And that’s a good thing.

This is the last batch of projections. We’ll know our destination for sure on Sunday!