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Technical Tidbits 11/3: What are you doing, playoff committee?

The first playoff poll is looking suspect at best.

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Texas A&M Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Paul Johnson’s decision period regarding the future of Jalen Johnson was a short one, as he moved to suspend both Johnson and fellow safety Christian Campbell after apparently learning more about the case yesterday afternoon. The length of the suspension for each player is still unknown at this time, and we likely won’t be able to make an educated guess on that front until we either get official word from Georgia Tech or discover some of the details from the frat house incident. Though no reason is given for Campbell’s suspension, it can reasonably be inferred that he was somehow connected to the altercation that resulted in the suspensions of both his fellow safety at Tech and his brother, an offensive lineman at LSU.

The Jackets have struggled on a couple of minor levels offensively this season, but the unit as a whole has performed exceptionally well in the face of injuries and is markedly better than the 2015 offense. One area of major improvement has been the pass blocking, which has actually been quite good after a rocky start to the 2016 season. Simply put, a 99.7 total QBR is 100% unattainable without solid passblocking. We saw that against Duke, as Justin Thomas had ample (not a ton, but ample) time to complete his passes. That’s a facet of the offense that will pay dividends if it can continue operating efficiently.

The first edition of the weekly College Football Playoff Rankings is an absolute steaming pile of poop. I have no idea how to unpack all of the ugliness that the committee unleashed upon us this time around except to make a nice list.

  • Which one of you clowns voted Texas A&M the No. 4 team in the land, above no fewer than two better teams in Washington and Louisville? Even Ohio State is probably better. TAMU has some nice-ish wins, but there’s no excuse for ranking them above the Huskies and Cardinals.
  • What is Auburn doing at No. 9? They’ve beaten a grand total of nobody. LSU is hands-down their best win of the season, and LSU has also beaten a grand total of nobody.
  • Speaking of LSU, why are they No. 13? Their best win is over an Ole Miss team that’s currently rocking a 3-5 overall record with a 1-4 mark in SEC play. The SEC West bias is absolutely staggering, and it’s clear that the committee has a great interest in having those teams ranked well above most other teams for a reason that starts with mon- and ends with -ey.
  • Seven is the number of touchdowns Lamar Jackson should score in an average game, not an appropriate ranking for a Louisville team that has severely outplayed every opponent this season save Clemson and Virginia.
  • Get out of here, three-loss FSU. You may be good enough later on, but 5-3 is not worthy of No. 22.
  • Top-10 Nebraska’s best win is over 3-5 Oregon. They’ve played the absolute bottom of the B1G barrel outside of that one win.
  • Finally, just stop putting Baylor in the top-25 of any poll. The odds of them being allowed to play in the postseason are about as good as the odds of the school investigating a sexual assault allegation.

Let me know if I missed any egregious ones. Do better, committee folks.