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Georgia Tech Football: Little Big Plays - UVA

We’re back after a brief hiatus to sift through the sloppy garbage we saw on Saturday!

NCAA Football: Virginia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Q1 6:34 3rd and 2: Great Block here by Andrew Marshall. The OL does a great job of sealing up the defense. Also a great job by Marcus Marshall to finish the run for the first down. The back side safety does a great job getting to the spot to prevent this from becoming a bigger run, but don’t let that detract from the overall good execution of the play. Quin Blanding is no joke.

Q1 3:46 1st and 10: Great edge set by Anree Saint-Amour. Controlled the blocker, got off his block and made the play. The OT even flirted with a holding call, but Saint-Amour didn’t care. He’s come on strong in the last two games, and has arguably been the most effective DE as Simmons has faded in the second half of the season.

Q3 11:46 2nd and 8: Francis Kallon makes a great play. Uses his length to extension on the OL, then sheds the blocker and makes the tackle. When scouts talk about length with linemen, this is what they are talking about. This is what Kallon such a tantalizing raw athletic talent coming out of high school.

The Bad

Q1 2:35 3rd and 4: Rush 3. Drop 8 behind the sticks. Thanks Ted.

How not to cover

Q3 7:53 3rd and 5: Will Bryan blocks nobody on the pull. Had he blocked anyone, this would have been a first down. Instead, the failed 4th and 1 followed.

Little Big Player of the Game - WR Ricky Jeune

Jeune has been rather quiet in the passing game over the past couple of weeks, but he has been far from quiet making downfield blocks. He was able to spring Marcus Marshall on his big run this week, and has been reliable for 2 weeks now.

Other Notes

  • #9 for UVA(Andrew Brown) has NFL talent. He was all over the place, and was the type of player who can greatly disrupt a flexbone offense. UVA even lined him up at linebacker to have him blitz. Unreal athleticism from a 6-4 285 lb man. No wonder he was a 5 star recruit.
  • UVA set out to stuff the box and use multiple players to jam the OL from getting to the second level. This worked, but left them susceptible to the pass. There should have been more plays like Clinton Lynch’s TD and Brad Stewart’s almost TD.
  • My issue with Ted Roof’s gameplan came down to personnel, yet again. Not so much which Tech players he was using this time, but rather who UVA was using. I’m talking specifically about Matt Johns. Towards the end of the game, Johns started trying to push the ball downfield, and he was awful. Roof still played the safeties back, keeping them out of the run game, where they were sorely needed. UVA was regularly running sets with a TE and 2 RBs, and were constantly at a numbers advantage at the point of attack as a result. Someone tell Ted you don’t have to be afraid of Matt Johns.