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Technical Tidbits 11/23: In which UGA desecrates some vintage Miley Cyrus. God, why?

Wrecking ball, indeed.

Disney Channel Stars Appear At Splashlight Studio Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

For for former Georgia running back/safety and current Georgia Tech A-Back J.J. Green, this weekend’s return to Athens will be a homecoming of sorts as he continues his collegiate career in a new location. Green, who sat out last season in accordance with NCAA transfer regulations, has emerged as a key contributor for Paul Johnson’s offense after deciding that his time was better spent away from the defensive side of the ball at UGA. It seems that he’s still very well-liked on the UGA team, a testament to both his character and the smoothness of what would likely be a very tumultuous transition for many players. Hopefully he can make his presence felt once again between the hedges, though for the right team this time around.

I truly can’t say why he waited this long to hop aboard the Paul train, but AJC columnist Mark Bradley foresees a 24-20 victory for Georgia Tech in the annual edition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. He may or may not be completely in Paul Johnson’s doghouse at this moment after relentless praise for Tech’s defense and criticism of the offense, but I can at least appreciate this article. He makes a number of valid and objective points — bearing in mind that the article is posted on Dawg Nation — and comes to a well-reasoned conclusion. No anger here.

The NCAA finally enforced the “collegiate” part of its name yesterday, forcing Notre Dame to vacate every win from the 2012 and 2013 seasons for academic violations. The decision stems from a rather quiet investigation into a student trainer who reportedly spent her days writing papers for Notre Dame’s football players, completing work for as many as eight athletes (for a total of eighteen classes) during her time with the program. Head coach Brian Kelly took clear responsibility for the situation, leaving reporters with the following quote:

Oh, I guess he didn’t take any responsibility at all. You know, despite the fact that his job title is “head coach” and that he’s responsible for each of his athletes, a role that he’s paid well over a million dollars to at least pretend to fill. No word yet on whether one of the papers written by the student trainer was actually Brian VanGorder’s 2015 gameplan to stop Georgia Tech, but his current job status suggests that it probably was. Stay tuned.

If you thought that yesterday’s song parody was bad, you haven’t heard the sheer cringey brilliance that is “Party in the UGA”. Forget what Notre Dame did, forget what UNC did, and even forget the atrocities committed by Demaryius Thomas. This is what the NCAA should be shutting down programs over.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet just exploded in flames. This... this is just not acceptable. Another Mark Richt cameo, missed high notes, missed low notes, missed everything. I will be severely disappointed if there are not AT LEAST a hundred comments discussing this atrocity by the end of the day. It’s. That. Bad. It even ends in attempted cannibalism! This is not what Miley intended. People like them are why we can’t have nice things, like Hannah Montana.