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Technical Tidbits 11/18: “It’s a trap!”, the football and basketball edition

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Georgia Tech will face two teams that should be quite beatable this weekend. Will they be up to the task?

NCAA Football: Louisville at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech will tip off game number three of the season tonight when Ohio comes to McCamish Pavilion for some Friday night #MACtion in Atlanta. The good news is that the Buckeyes Bearcats RedHawks Bobcats are not quite an ACC-caliber team. The bad news is that Georgia Tech hasn’t proven itself to be one either. Ohio went an impressive 23-12 last season and has made the NCAA Tournament thirteen times over the history of the program; they’re nothing to sneeze at this early in the season. Teams from non-power five schools pull upsets in basketball much more often than they do in football, so the Jackets will have to give the Bobcats all of the respect that a CBI participant deserves. In fact, this may be the second-biggest trap game of the weekend for Tech. The biggest, you ask? Well...

The University of Virginia could be 0-11 with blowout losses to ITT Tech, Le Cordon Bleu, and DeVry but would still be a massive trap game for Georgia Tech. Though the Hoos haven’t struggled that mightily during Bronco Mendenhall’s first season in Charlottesville, the team comes into this weekend’s game against Tech with a 2-8 record which includes losses to Richmond and UConn among others. The last thing anyone wants to see is a game in the loss column because of a breakout performance by the recent backup Matt Johns, who has already bested the Jackets in his career. Please, please, PLEASE defend the likes of Johns and running back Taquan Mizzell, a man who will already have homefield advantage given that his nickname is “Smoke”. The Jackets should absolutely win on Saturday, but make no mistake about it: it’s a trap! Come out playing to win or risk losing.

For a final bit of pregame information, take a look at this neat feature from Streaking the Lawn previewing this weekend’s game. UVA’s SB Nation affiliate does a neat info-graphic like that before each game, complete with picks, kickoff time, and other neat pieces of information all presented in a very colorful and fun way. I referenced Taquan Mizzell earlier, but let me reaffirm that he is not the guy you want to let loose against your team. The first player in ACC history to run for 1,500 yards and catch for 1,500 more, Mizzell has been a very good athlete for a very long time at Virginia. I fully expect him to get a big play or three; the key will be making sure that none go for six. I can feel the screens coming. So much open space, so many yards after the catch, so few tackles...

We need some help.

Have a great weekend!