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Sunday Morning Football Review

The ACC Coastal race find a new leader

If you’re anything like my friends, you spent all yesterday watching grass grow with the ACC Network cameramen instead of watching football. If you’re employed by Raycom, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

General College Football

It really looked like Tennessee was the team of destiny this year. Then it didn’t. A Josh Dobbs interception in double overtime gave Vols their first loss of the year. Instead, Texas A&M and Alabama, who of course had an impressive win against Arkansas, will face off in one of the biggest games of the year. That game could very well determine a playoff spot. Houston left their playoff hopes on the field against triple option Navy. They sealed the loss with a snap over their punter’s head and out of the back of the endzone for a safety. Kansas almost won their first Big 12 game in years against TCU but came up just short. Washington beat the bejesus out of Oregon, which was kind of expected, and Washington State beat the crap out of Stanford, which was also expected....Wait what? The Cougs beat Stanford 42-16??? How can you lose to an FCS team every year in the first game then turn it around and have a great season? Next year just schedule a bye or Cumberland or something. Brigham Young beat Michigan State pretty easily. Maybe they’re just not that good this year. Oklahoma held on in the Red River Shootout in a game I could’ve watched if I wasn’t watching Ted Roof taking a nap. Boise State is still undefeated and ranked #19, so watch that storyline as the season goes on. They still have BYU and possibly SDSU in the MWC championship game, so not too much difficulty, but not too much to get them into the playoffs. A Hurricane beat the Florida Gators for the first time in many years.

ACC Opponents

Georgia Southern 26-Arkansas State 27

I don’t know if they were looking ahead to Georgia Tech, or if they forgot they were playing football because it was a Wednesday, but they lost to a bad ASU team. Now they get a long week to prepare against what should be a very angry GT team.

Mercer 31-Chattanooga 52

I think Chattanooga is pretty good. Not too sure.

Georgia 0-Hurricane Matthew 1 Day

The Georgia-South Carolina game was given the old hurricane delay. Hopefully the field is better than NC State’s. Or not, that was kind of fun.

ACC Atlantic

Clemson 56-BC 10

Are we feeling better about our shoestring win against BC yet? No? Then it’s not just me. Clemson continues to roll their way towards another playoff birth. FSU and the ACC Coastal champ look like their biggest hurdles, but they could still stumble against NC State, or I can’t believe I’m saying this, Wake Forest. Also, raise your hand if you knew that Clemson and BC are rivals who play for the O’Rourke-McFadden Trophy. Liar, put that hand down.

NC State 10-Notre Dame 3

When I was younger, I used to play football in the pool with my brother. One of these teams should have hired me for the experience. The field, charitably called a mudpit, was the main story line of the game. It hampered offense to an extreme degree. The only touchdown came on a blocked punt. Both field goals were short, but had to be absolutely pounded through the goalposts due to sitting inches underwater. Potential first overall pick DeShone Kizer had one of the funniest lines I’ve ever seen in my life. 9/26 for 54 yards and an interception. Yes. Potential first overall pick throws for a whopping two yards per attempt. This raises the question, why on earth why they throwing the ball? Notre Dame now sits at 2-4 and is in real danger of missing a bowl game. NC State is now 4-1, but they still have Clemson, Lousiville, FSU, UNC, and Miami to play. They needed this one.

Wake Forest 28-Syracuse 9

The Wake Forest 9-win dream is likely dead. But the 8-win dream? Still very, very alive. Yes, they got a little bit lucky with only losing one out of four fumbles, and yes they probably should have been called for more than one penalty for five yards, but they looked like the much better team. The team that many picked to finish dead last in the ACC is 5-1. Nice predicting everybody.

ACC Coastal

Duke 13-Army 6

If you’re looking at Duke as an automatic win, think again. The Blue Devils slowed down Army’s triple option, which has actually been solid this season. They gave up yards, which is encouraging for us, but they did a good job of holding Army out of the endzone. On offense, they only had 189 yards and only 44 of those were passing, but I’m not confident in our defense stopping anybody right now.

Virginia Tech 34-UNC 3

Welp, VT looks really, really good. Like really good. They beat UNC in every way. They had little trouble moving the ball and their defense just stifled the Heels, aided of course by the four turnovers. If you’re looking for a downside for the Hokies, it was the fumbles. Fumbles cost them the game against Tennessee, and they had SEVEN fumbles today, although they only lost two. They need to hold onto the ball or it will cost them again. But otherwise they looked great. The pouring rain meant that neither team passed much, with neither team reaching 80 yards through the air. I’m now very scared to play Virginia Tech.

Miami 19-FSU 20

Remember the 2014 Georgia game? Remember when Harrison Butker’s extra point in overtime was blocked and I was so sure we were going to lose because of that? Remember how embarrassing that would have been? Remember the blocked kick against FSU last season? Remember how awesome that was? With 1:38 seconds left on the clock, the Hurricanes scored a tying touchdown....or so they thought. The Seminoles broke through the line to block the extra point and stay ahead by one. Dalvin Cook had 150 rushing yards and Deandre Francois was very solid with 234 yards and no picks. Brad Kaaya lost a molar on a hit that was ruled targeting and still had a decent day with 214 yards and one interception. Florida State somehow only scored 20 points despite 407 yards on offense and only one turnover. Because of this game, VT is now the favorite to win the Coastal, but it could all come down to the winner of the Miami-VT game.