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Technical Tidbits 10/3: Jackets fumble away upset victory, Watson and Jackson duel for ACC supremacy

The game against Miami yielded some neat pictures, if nothing else.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Though the 35-21 final score from Saturday's loss against the No. 10 Miami Hurricanes makes it look like Georgia Tech was severely outmatched by Mark Richt's team, the truth is that the Jackets had an excellent opportunity to come away with a victory had they not shot themselves in the foot twice in a minute-long period. It was two straight fumbles lost by the Jackets that were scooped up for Miami touchdowns which turned a hotly-contested 14-7 game into a 28-7 struggle, one which would only look worse before any significant strides were made by Tech. The defense eventually got everything moving, forcing the Canes to go three-and-out a number of times in the second half, but the offense just couldn't get hot enough to help the Jackets come back from the 21-point first-half deficit.

In some lighter news, Georgia Tech was named as one of just a handful of teams that players of the newly-released NBA 2k17 game can choose to commit to as a college basketball player. The game also features an all-Georgia Tech legend team, including the likes of Kenny Anderson, Mark Price, Chris Bosh, John Salley, Dennis Scott, and other greats from The Flats. Other excellent players such as Anthony Morrow and Derrick Favors round out the Tech bench, which seems like it could hang with any team in the entire game. As trivial as the news may seem, all publicity is good publicity. This is especially true when the target audience of the game itself is exactly the same as the demographic you're targeting in recruiting.

Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson went up against one another on Saturday in Death Valley, and the results were just as thrilling as you'd expect from a game between two top-tier quarterbacks leading two top-five teams. There were a few more turnovers than Watson and Jackson typically generate, and Clemson was able to take advantage of them just a bit more efficiency en route to a 42-36 victory. At this very moment, it should be noted that Clemson beat perhaps the hottest team in the entirety of college football by six points. If that doesn't make you feel better about the blowout last Thursday, then I'm not entirely sure what will. Lamar Jackson, meanwhile, strengthened his legacy despite taking his first loss as a starter.

Boulware clearly missed the Lambert era at UVA and UGA, bless his heart.

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