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Technical Tidbits 10/25: Coastal Chaos gets to swinging, Pastner gets to building

A five-way tie for the ACC Coastal crown? Yes, please.

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Thinking about the potential scenarios that could put a three-loss Georgia Tech team into the ACC Championship game is like a very destructive drug. There are a million things that would have to happen perfectly, all outlined very nicely in that article from the AJC, and only then could we even consider a trip to Orlando even remotely possible. The five-way tie scenario would be absolutely insane if it were to play out, almost certainly trumping anything we’ve seen from the reliably volatile Coastal Division in the past. My ultimate dream is having every team so even that we have to go to tiebreaker number thirteen or so, which is essentially just flipping a coin. I can’t even find out what number that would be because the ACC removed its tiebreaker page from existence, probably so it can deny Tech a chance at the crown no matter what.

For Georgia Tech, the hiring of new head basketball coach Josh Pastner is an opportunity for the program as a whole to reboot and start from scratch after a few disastrous seasons of basketball. The season expectations this time around need to reflect that truth; there’s simply not much for Pastner to work with in year number one on the Flats. That’s no secret by any means, especially when you consider the talent that left from last season’s NIT-caliber roster. This year’s team looks more like a skeleton than anything substantial potential-wise, with plenty of good role players but very few starting-caliber players to trot out on day one. That will almost certainly be reflected in the team’s win-loss record this time around; the ACC simply has no mercy on bad teams, and Tech promises to be one this season.

In one site’s opinion, the college football playoff landscape would feature matchups between No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Washington plus No. 2 Michigan and No. 3 Clemson if the season ended today. I pray that one or two teams will beat Alabama just because the Roll Tide narrative is so tired at this point, but the teams with the best shot at the Tide for the rest of the way — LSU and Auburn — really have no shot at all. That’s just lame. I’d be much more compelled by a playoff of Washington, Clemson, Louisville, and Michigan. The potential for a Jackson/Watson rematch is just too good to pass up, especially if it came in the Championship. The SEC, meanwhile, would be nowhere to be found, just as the football gods intended.

Have a great Tuesday!