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Technical Tidbits 10/19: Tech flag flies in outer space, Big 12 rejects expansion

Look closely and you could see a familiar sight among the stars.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech coaching staff named special teamer Shaun Kagawa, wide receiver Ricky Jeune, and safety Corey Griffin as the players of the week following Tech’s much-needed victory over Georgia Southern. Griffin in particular had a great game, finishing with 10 total tackles and 3 tackles for losses on the day while also playing pretty well in coverage for the Jackets. Kagawa was a bit quieter but absolutely made his presence felt on special teams, thumping a Southern return man on Tech’s first kickoff of the game for his only tackle. Jeune finished with a season-high in yards with 51, which is a nice performance but also a bit disappointing given how late in the season we are. He’s a tremendously talented guy, but the catches just haven’t gone his way this time around.

If you look closely enough at the stars tonight, you just might see a Georgia Tech “Give ‘Em Heck, Tech” flag flying from way up above. That’s because Tech-educated astronaut Shane Kimbrough, whose six-month mission in space begins today, will be bringing the flag with him to prove that not just the state, but the galaxy as a whole, is Yellow Jacket territory. If you recall, Kimbrough was a caller on Paul Johnson’s weekly radio show a while back and provided some neat insight into what he did and his preparation for the trip. Hopefully all of that preparation will pay off, as his “flight” has likely already left at the time you’re reading this. Maybe we can get him to throw a rock at Larry Fedora’s house on the way up.

The Big 12 broke the hearts of Tulane fans across the country yesterday afternoon when it announced that its highly-publicized plans to potentially expand the conference would actually not be happening after all. The announcement ended a months-long saga of speculation and hilarity as people tried to guess who the Big 12 could possibly persuade to come on board, be it BYU, Houston, or some other lower-tier program. I suppose that the conference finally realized that they already have Kansas and therefore don’t need any more FCS-caliber teams (because Houston was not going to the Big 12, folks, and that was their best bet). Give it a couple of days and I’m sure we’ll hear something else, but don’t expect anything to come of it.

Have a great Wednesday!