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Technical Tidbits 1/29

In which signing day 2016 approaches.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech locked down a critical second conference win on Wednesday, toppling the NC State Wolfpack by a final score of 90-83 in Raleigh. Although the final score itself is encouraging enough, the fact that Tech was able to win an ACC game on the road is what has really caught my attention. It's true that Brian Gregory has gotten some key victories on the road during his tenure -- most notably at Miami (2012) and Syracuse (2013) while both were top-10 teams -- but wins away from The Flats have generally been hard to come by. All I can tell you is that Brian Gregory better thank his lucky stars that the team didn't blow the game at the bitter end. Tech's lead, which was once 14 late in the second half, quickly evaporated before the Jackets were able to pull away for good. Had that type of lead been blown against a team of NC State's caliber, we very well could be staring down a head coaching vacancy at the moment. It would be just short of impossible for anyone to justify retaining Gregory in a situation like that.

Four-star offensive line recruit Donavaughn Campbell, one of Tech's highest-rated remaining targets for the 2016 recruiting cycle, will make his final college decision following his visit to Georgia Tech, writes Campbell, the brother of current Yellow Jackets Christian Campbell, has been committed to LSU for an extended period of time and seems quite firm in his commitment. It commitment to Tech is certainly not out of the question, but the quotes from Campbell in the article surely make it sound like his visit to Tech is nothing more than due diligence at this point.

"They [the LSU staff] understand my reason for going to Georgia Tech, because of my brother, and they're just saying that you're a Tiger and we are a glad you are a Tiger and you have a very bright future here," Campbell said.

That isn't quite an inspiring statement. I certainly hope that Campbell decides to attend Tech, but reading things like that makes me more than a little bit wary of Tech's chances with the highly-rated lineman.

The Georgia Tech AD recently released the school's plans for signing day, including a full-on ESPN3 stream. The stream, which is set to take roughly two hours and feature the voice of Brandon Gaudin, will provide fans with some great insight on all of the day's events. The Jackets certainly have as much to gain as any school on NSD despite the recent slew of commits. Hopefully the team's fortune will turn favorably this year -- the last major NSD recruit that the Jackets received was Myles Autry, whose tenure on The Flats ended before it even began.

What are you expecting in terms of results from signing day?