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Technical Tidbits 1/27

Could a midweek meeting with the Wolfpack be Tech's final chance to get back on track?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 football schedule for Georgia Tech and the rest of the ACC was officially finalized yesterday afternoon, including dates for each conference game. Tech's schedule is yet again a bit disappointing, with a number of issues once again proving that the ACC is not overly concerned with what the school down in Atlanta desires. Let's take a quick look at a few of the most glaring problems:

  1. Georgia Tech plays Clemson on short rest. The Jackets and Tigers will meet just five days after Tech's game against Vanderbilt.
  2. The mix of home and away game is horrible. Tech will play four of the first five ACC games following their trip to Ireland at Bobby Dodd Stadium and then finish the season with three of four on the road.
  3. Three conference teams have a bye prior to facing Georgia Tech.
On the flip side, this season's schedule is worlds easier than the 2015 slate of games. The removal of Florida State and Notre Dame in favor of Boston College and Vanderbilt is a welcome change, although last season doesn't have me expecting wins over either of those teams.

Tech fans are no strangers to the conundrum that is Georgia Tech basketball, but it now appears that the rest of the nation is also starting to take notice of an underachieving school in a prime location. The article I linked to, written by a contributor to The Olympian, is one of the best breakdowns of the situation that I've seen anywhere. The face that Tech can be so mediocre in basketball year to year despite a) existing in one of the biggest basketball recruiting hotbeds in the country, b) playing in one of the nicest venues in the country, and c) being a member of the best basketball conference in the country should be plenty of cause for success. It hasn't been, however, and the reason for that likely runs deeper than just Brian Gregory.

Although the season appears to be slipping away, there is still a chance that Georgia Tech could make a trip to the big dance come springtime. That chance, however, starts with a bounceback performance from forward Charles Mitchell in tonight's game against NC State. Mitchell, who has been one of the most consistent performers all season long for the Jackets, has struggled a bit over his past few games. His rebounding numbers have not changed all that much, but the scoring has certainly gone down a bit from earlier this season. This isn't a criticism of Mitchell, just an acknowledgment of what has changed. He is aware of it just like we are and I imagine that he's working hard to get back on track.

Is tonight's game against NC State a must-win for Georgia Tech?