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Technical Tidbits 1/25

In which Brian Gregory's seat simmers ever more frantically.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Paul Johnson secured commitment number fourteen of the season over the weekend when Ponchatoula lineman Jahaziel Lee announced his intentions to play at Georgia Tech. Lee, a two-star recruit and former teammate of current Yellow Jacket Christian Campbell, should bring Tech's upcoming recruiting class some of the size that it so desperately needs -- he measures in at 6-foot-3, 245 pounds as a high school senior. Lee's commitment could also be a positive sign for the status of four-star offensive line target Donavaughn Campbell, another teammate of his. Paul Johnson must realize that he can't compete with the football pedigree of LSU and is instead taking the Vladimir Lenin approach: stealing everyone Campbell's ever been close with.  Hey, if it works it works. Congratulations, Jahaziel!

The Georgia Tech basketball team fell to 11-8 overall and 1-5 within the ACC on Saturday following another disappointing loss, this time at the hands of No. 17 Louisville. All hope is not lost for the Jackets at this point, but being four games under .500 in conference play is a horrible place to stand this late in the season. While it's true that the Jackets haven't played any other struggling teams at this point, the team's failures to close out games is still concerning. If you can't do it against the good teams, I'm not confident in it happening versus the bad ones either. We'll see soon enough. Until then, the Jackets need something akin to a miracle if they hope to experience success while playing at the present level. All we have for now are some depressing statistics, courtesy of Kelly Quinlan.

Last season, the ACC was the conference of the quarterback. With the likes of Deshaun Watson, Marquise Williams, Brad Kaaya, Justin Thomas, and others, the eastern seaboard had no shortage of talented signal callers. This year, however, the ACC very well could have the best running backs in the nation in addition to a strong quarterback class -- the conference returns a wealth of starters at the position. The article I linked to even fails to mention former ACC POTY James Conner, the Pittsburgh running back currently in a fight with cancer. Hopefully the solid running game sentiment will carry over to Tech, which could use some good luck with injuries after a disaster in that regard last season. The talent is certainly there for Paul Johnson, but whether or not it can stay on the field remains to be seen.

Does Georgia Tech have any realistic shot at making the NCAA Tournament at this point?