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Technical Tidbits 1/12

Could Georgia Tech be tournament bound for the first time since the Paul Hewitt days?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech offensive line took another blow yesterday with the loss of Gary Brown, who elected to leave Tech in order to focus on his art career. Brown was in line to play a significant role for the Jackets this season despite being buried beneath successful guards Shamire Devine and Trey Braun in 2015 but ultimately decided to choose art over football. It's always disheartening to lose a player as talented as Brown so early in his career -- he would have been a redshirt sophomore this season -- but I'm sure he made the best decision for himself. Best of luck in the art field, Gary!

Perhaps the biggest development from Georgia Tech's upset win over No. 4 Virginia over the weekend was the revelation that Tech can, in fact, win close games against quality opponents. The game allowed Brian Gregory's Jackets to snap a 15-game losing streak in ACC games decided by 7 points or fewer, an ominous run to say the least. It hopefully represents a culture change of some sort for Tech, which has struggled consistently over the years to make plays down the stretch. A few more close wins last season would have made a huge difference in the overall record. Getting a few this season would be equally critical.

A quartet of new Jackets officially enrolled at Tech a few days back, including longtime commit Jaylend Ratliffe. Ratliffe, who was supposed to be a member of the 2015 recruiting class, had his playing career derailed by an ATV accident which left him with significant head injuries and a murky future. His recovery, though it has been full, may still impact his football career -- head coach Paul Johnson is not optimistic that the quarterback will be cleared by team doctors at the moment.

The latest installment of CBS Sports' Bracketology series has Georgia Tech headed to the NCAA Tournament as a 10 seed for the first time in the Brian Gregory era. Any fan would absolutely love for the Jackets to make an NCAA appearance for the first time in what feels like an eternity, but it would put the front office in a peculiar position with the status of Brian Gregory. The odds of Gregory being fired after an NCAA Tournament berth are slim to none, but it is still worth noting that the team will lose a number of key players next year.

Would Brian Gregory still be on the hot seat if the team made an NCAA Tournament appearance?