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Technical Tidbits 9/30

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Georgia Tech just needs to win a game so we can move of from diagnosing the offense's struggles.

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After the recent string of disappointing games, Justin Thomas and the rest of the Georgia Tech offense will look to relax and get back into the rhythm we saw it in during the first two games of the season. The potential for that very thing to happen is certainly present, but a 2-2 start to what had the potential to be a historic season is tough be optimistic about at this point. The talent is all there and I seriously doubt that coaching is a problem with Paul Johnson and Ted Roof running the offense and defense, respectively, so all that's left is some gelling and blocking improvements before long practice sessions are hopefully cashed in for on-field results.

Right when I got myself into a better mood after writing the above paragraph, I discovered this article from the AJC's Mark Bradley and fell back into a pit of despair. Though I do enjoy reading Bradley's takes on the Falcons and other Atlanta sports teams, his recent opinions on Georgia Tech seem to be consistently negative. I should only have to question my entire fandom after reading the comments of an online article, not the article itself. In all seriousness, however, Bradley does bring up some good and valid points about the Jackets, especially in terms of remaining strength of schedule. A 2-2 start with Clemson, Florida State, and UGA still on deck is just short of terrifying. Tech has the talent to beat each of those teams, but I how they respond still remains to be seen.

As we continue to play the never-ending game of trying to figure out what is going wrong with Georgia Tech's offense, Andrea Adelson has posed a question of her own: is Justin Thomas trying to do too much? If you've seen either of the last two games, the answer to this question is overwhelmingly yes. Thomas has exhibited a lack of faith in and chemistry with his fellow skill position players repeatedly this season, often electing to keep the ball and try to teleport through defenders rather than making a pitch or handoff. While that is clearly an issue, it really doesn't feel like the whole issue -- I for one feel like Thomas is not so much trying to do it all himself as he is being forced to do it all himself because of bad blocking whatever else. It is too early to know for sure, but we'll see soon.

I'll leave you today with some #hot (#lukewarm) #takes from America's sweetheart Paul Finebaum on the topic of which team has been more disappointing between Georgia Tech and Arizona State. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Mr. Finebaum might have some bigger fish to fry at the moment, what with Auburn's struggles and the fall of the ROLL TIDE DYNASTY BABY and whatnot. I also happened to notice that Paul is still alive, which makes me think that Phyllis from Mulga's phone service is down. It's gonna be all over when she gets a hold on that man.

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Is Justin Thomas trying to do too much or is the ineptness of the offense around him forcing his hand?