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Technical Tidbits 9/3

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This is going to be a fun Labor Day weekend.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Though Georgia Tech head coach Brian Gregory needs a some good luck as much as if not more than any other coach in the entire nation, it doesn't appear that he will get too much of it this season in terms of playing a forgiving ACC schedule -- the 2015 Yellow Jackets' conference schedule was released yesterday, and it is just as grueling as you probably expected. The ACC is widely expected to be one of the strongest conferences in the entire nation, if not the best in the country, with explosive teams like Virginia, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Duke along with other teams which are expected to improve this season all vying for a conference title. The 2015 Jackets should be better this year, but the problem is that the entire conference will be better as well. It will be interesting to see how things play out. recently released another one of their very cool info-graphics, this time previewing tonight's game against the Alcorn State Braves. The Braves, who hail from the SWAC of the FCS, are a warm-up team on paper but certainly shouldn't be taken lightly -- Alcorn State has been one of the more successful programs at the FCS level in recent years and is always a consistent threat to go for a shocking upset. The game (and 2015 season) kicks of tonight at 7:30 at Bobby Dodd Stadium, but you can watch from home on Fox Sports South if attending a Thursday night game is just not in the cards.

Part of what makes Alcorn State so dangerous from season to season has been a consistently high-flying offense, one which finished second in the entire FCS last season. Though it doesn't feature the talent of a UGA or a Clemson, that aforementioned Braves offense will be a more than suitable test for third-year defensive coordinator Ted Roof's unit, especially since this is the first game of the season. We've seen Roof-coached defenses struggle early in the season against lesser competition over the past couple of years and I really believe that how well the starters play against Alcorn State will give us some great indication in terms of what to expect for the rest of the season.

With college football season officially kicking off tonight, I humbly offer you the complete viewing guide for all of the many games which will be played starting today and stretch through Labor Day weekend, a five-day span of pure beauty. There are not too many enticing games on tonight, but that's just fine because you should be watching Georgia Tech anyway. I personally can't wait to see Alabama vs. Wisconsin on Saturday, but Eastern Washington vs. Oregon very well could pull my attention away from that game just because I want to see how new Oregon Duck Vernon Adams reacts to playing against his former team week one. It should be a nice weekend.

Which game are you most looking forward to besides Tech vs. Alcorn State?