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Technical Tidbits 9/29

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A pair of Yellow Jackets are still setting the standard for NFL wide receivers.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Former Yellow Jackets Demaryius Thomas and Calvin Johnson are responsible for much more than just their 117 combined touchdowns and total 16,189 yards at the NFL level -- the duo is actively shaping the archetype for a professional wide receiver and both represent an entirely new breed of player at the NFL level. Though the sheer talent of both Johnson and Thomas is undisputed, what is really interesting is that never before have wide receivers at any level been as physically unique and gifted as the two Tech products are. The unique combination of speed and size makes the duo completely uncoverable in a league where the typical defensive back is getting smaller and faster rather than larger and stronger to handle such physical specimens. I really can't do justice to the whole situation in one paragraph, but please do read the article. The trend towards fast and physical wide receivers is very interesting.

Paul Johnson sat down for his weekly press conference yesterday, in which he touched on some of the most pressing issues facing the team in surprising depth and with impressive patience. The video, which can be found below, really makes me feel more comfortable with the state of the much-maligned offense which has stammered these past few weeks. The perimeter blocking, which has been terrible since the Notre Dame game, should get better this week with the addition of Mikell Lands-Davis -- a much bigger body -- to the pool. Am I completely confident in a win over UNC? No, but there is no reason to expect a loss either. As I said yesterday, the Heels are having some growing pains of their own and have looked beatable all season. But so did Duke and Notre Dame. And UNC last year. We'll see.

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You can see the full transcript of the interview if you don't want to watch the video by following this link.

The massive egg that Georgia Tech laid last weekend up in Durham did a whole lot more than hurt our confidence -- it also managed to completely send the race for the ACC Coastal spiraling back into its traditional state of mediocre insanity. For what seems like the millionth season in a row, it appears for all the world that the Coastal will be the exact antithesis of the one-horse Atlantic for yet another year. Duke, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and honestly every other team all have a horse in this Coastal race, but Georgia Tech's is now at a huge disadvantage -- the Jackets play FSU and Clemson as crossover opponents while Duke gets Wake Forest and Boston College. That tough schedule, which was our best friend back when the Jackets were widely considered a playoff darkhorse in search of national respect, has quickly become a mortal enemy to a Tech team with two early losses and the worst yet to come. All hands need to be on deck for this season to get back on track.

I'll leave you today with the story of LSU at Syracuse, also known as the reason why playing FCS opponents sucks. The game itself was sneakily competitive and the atmosphere seemed like a lot of fun for everyone in attendance. That's something you don't get from playing Northern Vermont A&T Virtual Academy in a 70-0 blowout. I might be totally alone in this sentiment, but I'd much rather play a home game every other year against a B1G, Big 12, or Pac 12 school than a home game every year against an FCS team. Who cares what's reasonable? This season's offense has clearly proven that two tune-up games, let alone one, aren't worth a crap. Try to get fun opponents to schedule you and if they won't then force them to.

Which team do you think will win the ACC Coastal?