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Technical Tidbits 9/28

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This season is like Inception. Does anyone know what's going on?

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Though the disappointing loss to Duke in Durham over the weekend was nothing if not ugly, there was at least one encouraging development from the game -- wide receiver Ricky Jeune managed to step up and make some big plays for Tech on his was to a career-best game. Though having a wide receiver hit the 90-yard mark is no consolation for one of the most devastating losses in recent years, it is at good to see that Justin Thomas and the receivers have begun to gel a little bit. If that aspect of the offense can get going, it will hopefully mitigate some of the other issues that stem from inexperience and bad blocking among others issues. It will be interesting to see if it carries on against UNC.

We as Georgia Tech fans could point out a million different reasons why the Jackets lost to Duke over the weekend, but if David Cutcliffe is to be believed the physicality of the Blue Devils was the difference in the game. I don't think anyone in their right mind would argue that Georgia Tech was more physical than Duke on Saturday. The Blue Devils came out thumping and closed out thumping. From whistle to whistle, they looked like the hungrier team just like they did last season. The end result? Another relatively easy win to kill the hype of yet another top-25 Tech team. This game was a turning point in the season and Tech unfortunately went the wrong direction. The 2015 campaign is not over by any means, but it will be interesting to see what happens from here.

I think we've just about exhausted the topic of the Duke game for one day, so let's just follow in Paul Johnson's footsteps and flush it for the time being. The next opponent is a perennially pesky North Carolina team which just so happens to be facing some serious issues of their own -- head coach Larry Fedora went so far as to bench quarterback Marquise Williams against Delaware over the weekend. Williams' replacement, Mitch Trubisky, looked extremely impressive in limited action but is certainly no Marquise Williams himself. If you remember last season's shootout, recall that Tech's biggest issue was with Williams' mobility; this is an issue that Trubisky would not present. I'm not sure who we'll get to see on Saturday in Atlanta, but each quarterback brings a unique game to the table and Ted Roof better be prepared for anything.

SB Nation released a new set of bowl projections yesterday with Georgia Tech facing off with Navy in the Military Bowl, held annually in Annapolis. While that would be a quasi-appealing matchup for many fans, the reason I checked the projection in the first place was to see if anyone had Tech making a bowl game at all. I personally can't imagine Tech missing a bowl this season, but finding the final four wins we need won't be particularly easy -- the Jackets would need to win against Pitt, UNC, Virginia Tech, and Virginia at the very least. All of those teams look beatable this week, but Duke looked beatable last week and so did Notre Dame the week before. Who knows what to expect?

Do you think Georgia Tech's bowl chances are in jeopardy?