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FTRS Over/Unders - Georgia Tech vs. Duke

Following last week's loss to #8 Notre Dame, Georgia Tech will open up ACC play against Duke on Saturday and you can predict how it will go!

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Let’s just forget about last week, shall we? The Jackets are 2-1, but have not played an ACC games yet, they are still in control of their own destiny. They’ll be without a Qua Searcy, Michael Summers and now Pat Gamble for this week’s noon game against Duke, which can be seen on ESPN2. The Jackets are currently favored by 7.5.

Duke is also 2-1 and lost their first game of the 2015 last week against Northwestern 19-10. The Blue Devils and Yellow Jackets have faced one similar opponent (Tulane) and Duke won by a score of 37-7.

Let’s move past last week. It was a thing that happened, now let’s work on burning it out of our memory. This week’s game is the first ACC game for both teams and should be taken seriously. I'll post scores for everyone starting with next week's match-up against North Carolina. Without further ado, let’s get ready for this week’s Over/Unders.