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Technical Tidbits 9/23

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In which the Georgia Tech injury report goes zero to a hundred real quick.

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Backup quarterback Tim Byerly, who went down with an injury a couple of weeks ago, is officially done for the season after having surgery on his knee. Though this season would've been Byerly's last with collegiate eligibility, the redshirt senior is considering applying for a medical hardship waiver which would allow him to return for one more season of football on The Flats. Because Byerly's other option is to graduate and end his college career, his next step depends entirely on whether or not another season with the Jackets is worth yet another year of college to him. I certainly hope the answer to that question is yes, but it would be more than understandable if the veteran backup elected to end his college career now.

Though losing is a painful experience in general, what makes the awful trip to South Bend even more intolerable is the slew of injuries sustained by Paul Johnson's Jackets at the hands of the Irish. While I'm not accusing Notre Dame of making dirty plays when I say "at the hands of the Irish," it is noteworthy that so many important players went down in a single game. I don't know if anything but misfortune is to blame for that, but the contributions from guys like Micheal Summers and Qua Searcy will certainly be missed. As of last check, center Freddie Burden is the only player of those injured at Notre Dame that is clear to play. Among those who have not yet been cleared or who have been ruled out are Searcy (out), Summers (out), Rod Rook-Chungong, Pat Gamble, and Broderick Snoddy.

Though there is no link for this particular bit of news, it is worth noting the true freshman Quaide Weimerskirch, who suffered a serious injury prior to the season, has been moved from his natural position of B-Back to A-Back in light of the many injuries to that position. While I understand the desperate need for A-Back depth (and willing blockers), it is disappointing that we may have to burn the redshirt of a promising player only to play him out of position. There is no question that Weimerskirch has potential at A-Back, but his future is almost certainly at B-Back and practicing with the A-Backs is likely more of a hindrance than a help to him as he learns to play B-Back at the college level.

Former Georgia Tech ace Buck Farmer was almost a part of Detroit Tigers history yesterday when the team nearly threw just the 12th combined no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball. As you likely deduced from the word "nearly," Tiger closer Neftali Feliz allowed a triple with an out in the ninth to kill the dream of an always-glorious late season no-no by a bad team. Farmer, who has been moved to the Detroit bullpen after struggling mightily as a starter, threw a perfect inning with a pair of strikeouts in relief of the Tiger starter.

Which injury hurts Georgia Tech the most?