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Poll Review After Week 3

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Things rearrange after a weekend of upsets

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we’ll be looking at the poll roundup.  Until the Playoff Poll comes out, we’ll stick with the AP poll.  So here’s what the poll looks like after the third week of the season:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Michigan State
  3. Ole Miss
  4. TCU
  5. Baylor
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Georgia
  8. LSU
  9. UCLA
  10. Florida State
  11. Clemson
  12. Alabama
  13. Oregon
  14. TAMU
  15. Oklahoma
  16. Arizona
  17. Northwestern
  18. Utah
  19. USCw
  20. Georgia Tech
  21. Standford
  22. Wisconsin
  23. BYU
  24. Oklahoma State
  25. Mizzou

Obviously this weekend didn’t go as well for the Jackets as well all hoped, but they only fell 6 spots to number 20.  It’s still a one-possession loss to a top-10 team on the road, so it appears that the voters at least gave Tech a little bit of respect.  Shocking.

Elsewhere in the pool, Michigan State and Ole Miss join the top 4 with Notre Dame moving up 2 spots to 6.

Georgia torched USCe this weekend and actually looked like a team that deserved their top-10 ranking for the first time this season.  On the other end of the spectrum, Ohio State struggled mightily with the illustrious Northern Illinois Huskies and escaped with a one possession win.  Bama also plummeted 10 spots after their home loss to the Fightin' Ackbars.  It's a trap, Nick.  It was always a trap.

The poll is also starting to shakeout into some semblance of coherency after the over-rating of most of the SEC to begin the year.  As the weeks progress, I would assume all of us will have less and less of a problem with where teams are ranked.  The only gripe I conceivably have this week is Mizzou randomly placed at 25, but there’s like 10 teams that could be put there just as easily for just as little reason.

Hopefulyl Tech bounces back this week on the road against Duke and can begin climbing the polls again.

<b>How do you feel about Tech falling to 20?  Is there anyone undeserved of their ranking?</b>