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Roundtable Discussion Questions

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Well yesterday was rough, but things could be much worse.

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Yesterday was pretty rough, so I do want to say one thing before I open it up for questions. I understand a lot of y'all are passionate about Georgia Tech football and I think that is awesome. I know y'all are upset at the less-than-stellar showing we got yesterday and that's totally understandable. However, that doesn't mean y'all need to be attacking each other. If y'all don't agree on something, discuss it like adults. Joey and I already had to bring out the banhammer; don't make us do it again. We don't want this website to become like some of the forums out there.

Now, it's a new week and a new game, so submit your questions for the roundtable discussion this week. You can submit those in the comments section, on Twitter @FTRSBlog or through email at