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Technical Tidbits 9/18

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Clint Castleberry led Georgia Tech to a win over Notre Dame in 1942. Who will do the same on Saturday?

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Before I read this article, titled "Georgia Tech: the enigma of college football," I was fully prepared to refute the argument and wondering what was so enigmatic about an offense that simply runs over everyone. It wasn't until the point of the article hit me that I fully realized what the enigma was, and I couldn't agree more -- the fact that Georgia Tech is consistently recruiting three-star guys to play at an school with higher academic than athletic standards while still competing nationally is amazing. That's something that exactly zero other schools in the nation can claim to do, save a Stanford here and there. I can't wait to see where the this season goes and what the long-term implications of a successful 2015 could be in terms of both recruiting and national exposure.

We are now just 24 hours away from Georgia Tech's big game against Notre Dame and NBC Sports has provided us with a nice preview of the game, complete with insight from our own Ben Tankersley. I truly feel that the key to the game will be controlling the Notre Dame offense. Given the struggles that Notre Dame has had stopping the very similar Navy offense every year under Brian Kelly, Paul Johnson is going to get his. It is all up to the defense and Ted Roof to do everything they can to confuse new quarterback Deshone Kizer, a freshman with almost no experience under his belt. Expect to see some exotic blitzes by Ted Roof to try and throw off the new Irish signal caller.

Although Georgia Tech's offense has been and should continue to be one of the best units in the nation, it simply wouldn't be the same without Paul Johnson's unflappable trust in quarterback Justin Thomas, the life and blood of the program. Though that trust likely finished maturing over the offseason, there is no question that it first began when Thomas beat out Tim Byerly for the starting job just over a year ago. Few signal callers in the entire nation get that level of trust from a head coach and even fewer are worthy of it. Justin Thomas deserves both and we are fortunate to have him

I'll leave you today with this awesome Throwback Thursday video of Georgia Tech legend Clint Castleberry leading his Jackets to big win over Notre Dame way back in 1942. I've never seen a video of Castleberry playing and I'm glad to say that's now different.

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What are the keys to Georgia Tech's game against Notre Dame?