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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - Notre Dame 2015

The Jackets have a big match-up in South Bend this week against No. 8 Notre Dame. How will the game go?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to those of you that scored perfectly on the Over/Unders for the Tulane game last Saturday. I don’t know how, but some of you cheated and I’ll find out about it. No one beats me at this game.

All threats aside let’s get to the Over/Unders this week, which is a big one. The Jackets will travel to South Bend to take on the Fighting Irish, who have been battling the injury bug. The Irish come in ranked No. 8 in the country, yet enter Wednesday as 2.5 point underdogs. The Jackets are getting a lot of love from the media this week (on a side note, how weird is that?) and now have a shot to prove how for real they will be in 2015. Recent numbers indicate that the remaining schedule for the Jackets, according to ESPN. Matrices only give Georgia Tech a .5 percent chance of winning their remaining games. No need to look to the future, because the most important game is always the one coming up, and this week’s opponent is worth the attention.

Without further ado, let’s get onto the numbers, shall we? Leave any questions you have in the comments.